The Things I can Do, Many People Cannot: Tiger Shroff

Sumeet Mishra |

After refusing a couple of offers from some bollywood biggies Tiger Shroff finally made his debut with Heropanti and immediately became a star. Though not as handsome as Hrithik and Ranbir but Action and Dance sequences is something that makes him almost unique from his senior and his age contemporaries. In conversation with ‘Bollywood Town’ Tiger  Shroff talked about his latest film, film critics, film promotions and more…

You are roped in as the lead hero in the sequel of Students of The Year 2, what is the story going to be?
I dont know as they are still working on the script its getting finalized and as soon as things are ready the makers will make an official announce about it.
For the first time you are playing a super hero, how was it getting in to that zone?
Playing a super hero was a great fun. A Flying Jatt is a very unique kind of super hero who is scared of using his powers. This super hero is not extra ordinary like Krrish, who can take on anybody, he is a bit coward. In the film he is very scared of his mom and she takes full advantage of the fact that her son is a super hero. So she makes him do all the household chores. She wants him to go to the market wearing his costumes so that he could get things for free of cost. Apart from this the film also has some realistic fight sequences.
You father Jackie Shroff also played a super hero in Shiva KaInsaaf, any memories of that film and who are you favourite super hero?
I remember the time when I was a kid I used to always play a cassette of that film before going to bed. It was a great joy for me to watch my father as a super hero as every sons first super hero is father and it was the same for me too. Spider man and Krissh are the two super Heros whom I admire a lot.
Since your very film films we are observing that you are more inclined towards doing commercial and massy films. Is that the genre you want to explore more?
I am lucky that most of my followers are kid, so keeping them in mind I try to choose my character in the films. I personally feel that they are the future of our country. Thats why I am keen on doing noble characters for my kiddy fans which would influence them in a correct and positive a way.
Both Heropanti and Baaghi are super hit films but there is always critic to criticize…
Critics are great for an artist as I think they can help you grow as a performer in each film. But ever since the trailer of the film is out the critics are saying good things about the films and my role. This is the first time I am experimenting with action and comedy. It was difficult for me to play this role but I think we have done a great job and I hope the audience will also love this film.
Do you find A Flying Jatt as a risk as in bollywood we dont have too many films on super heroes?
To be honest I wanted to play a super hero from my very first film. I got this opportunity now and I am very happy for it. I dont think that it is a risk by any means because I feel that I am perfect for the role of a super hero.
You admitted that you always choose a film script keeping your kiddy fans in mind. Tell us what is that one thing which you would never agree to do onscreen?
I cant really comment on this as I will put down other actors who explore other genres. Its your own choice but I personally dont want to play the role of a druggist or an alcoholic in my next few films. At the moment I will avoid taking any dark movie because I want to establish myself in the industry as an actor first. I think maybe after 4-5 film I would explore other genres too.
How important are film promotions important according to you?
Film promotions have become a very prominent aspect to make a movie successful but the fact is I hate these promotional activities. You have to answer the same question over and over again and have to visit different TV shows which are not fun for me. Before turning an actor I had the feeling that that once the film is completed actors job is done but the real work begins from the point when you go out for promotion.
Do you think like South, Bollywood films to should just announce the trailer and release of the films?
I hope so and expect that I was Rajnikant. I would just announce the trailer and release date of the film and everybody is crazy to watch the films.
There are two clear cut genres in Hindi cinema, one is action and the other is musical- dance. You have blended the two actions and dance together. So did it happen by chance or it a deliberate move?
There was awareness even before my first film that I dont have great acting skill. So I thought if I have to survive in the industry as an actor then I had to do something different. I want to be accepted for my individuality. Thats why I deliberately take up different role and now I can say that the things I can do many people can not do and that automatically gives me a different identity. I am thankful that I was aware and knew that I was different.
What do you make of director Sabbir Khan who directed you in your debut film?
Sabbir sir was instrumental in my launch and my second film as both gained huge success at the box office. Keeping my strengths in mind he had taylormade my character to do all the things.
What is easy for you Action or Dance?
Dancing is simpler than Action as sometime you injure yourself while doing some stunts. In this film too there was some scene where I had to face Nathan Jones who is 7ft tall and ended up injuring myself. So I am more content in dance.
Now that you are a star. How do you plan to tackle your stardom?
I dont call myself a star yet. When I do become a star I will know that I have responsibilities. Lot of people look up to you, the things you do, the choices you make off screen, the events you attend, what you say both on and off the camera is very important. So basically responsibilities comes on you.
Recently at a TV show media was not happy with the way you behaved with them, what was that all about?
I think you are talking about Voice of India. I was getting late because I had another show to attend. My bodyguard and the PR team rushed me up. So I think the media got upset at me thats the report I got to know.
Your films always has some very catchy dialogues. One such dialogue was in Baaghi when the villain says, Tu Khatam and your response was Itni jaldi kya hai abhi toh maine start kiya hai. So do you infuse this thing deliberately into you films?
All the credit goes to the writer Sanjeev Dutta and the director Sabbir Khan. But in this film there is no such sort of one liner.
There was a news that Tiger Shroff is a serial kisser. How do you take this thing as?
I dont know. May be Balaji must have tried a publicity stunt to promote our film A Flying Jatt. But I think its a good move alteast they got some good publicity.
What is your upcoming film Munna Michael all about?
It a dance based film where I will be playing the role of a kid who loves dancing and grows up idolising the legendary dancer, Michael Jackson