Safed | … Expect the unexpected

Movie: Safed
Starring: Meera Chopra, Abhay Verma, Barkha Bisht, Chhaya Kadam, Jameel Khan
Director: Sandeep Singh
Genre: Drama
Release Date: 29.12.2023
Rating: 3.5/5

By Yogesh Mishra
DIRECTOR Sandeep Singh’s Safed is an outstanding movie that talks about the unusual and, to a greater extent, unnatural relationship between two souls.
The story unfolds the pain behind a widow, Kaali (Meera Chopra), who loses her husband at an early age and starts living in a widow asylum in Varansi. In the same city, a transgender man named Chaand (Abhay Verma) also lives and has a strong regret about why he can’t live like other common people. The commonality between these two souls was that both had an incomplete life and were struggling to complete it. Chaand falls in love with Kaali, and Kaali starts liking him, being unaware of Chaand being transgender. When their love takes a peak, nature creates an intimate scene when Kaali surrenders herself physically to Chaand, but Chaand, being transgender, is helpless, and the situation gives all the answers to Kaali that Chaand could not tell from his mouth. This mute conversation among them is the real twist of the story. To know what happens between these two incomplete souls, one must watch the film.
The story, screenplay, and dialogue are extremely outstanding. The dialogues that have no words are louder than any dialogues that have words to say. This nicely written script is beautifully directed by Sandeep Singh. The charisma of Sandeep’s direction can be seen in the film.
Apart from a good storyline, music is another strength that enhances the beauty of the film.
Actors Abhay Verma and Meera Chopra’s performances are outstanding. Both win the hearts of the audience. Apart from the lead cast, other artists like Barkha Bisht, Chhaya Kadam, Jameel Khan, etc. have also done justice to their parts.
Overall, this is one of the most beautiful and eye-opening movies that no one should miss. We can expect the unexpected from this film. So, why wait? Go and watch it.