I can actually cry without using glycerin: Taapsee Pannu

Sumeet Mishra | mumbai@bollywoodtown.in

Taapsee Pannu has been in news for quite some time now for her latest released film Pink. In an interaction with Bollywood Town magazine she talked about the film Pink and her experiences work with the mega star Amitabh Bachchan…

Your latest released film has a unique name ‘Pink’. Tell us why ‘Pink’ when the film has a huge drama in it?
Pink to draw attention of the people towards the film. There is a big stereotype about the color pink since it denotes to softness and delicacy. It is associated with feminist so there is stereotype about women too. But this film will break the entire stereotype attached to being women and the color pink. So breaking stereotype is our focus.
The film Pink sounds very interesting but what was that one thing which gravitated you towards this film?
There were lots of factors that made me go for this film. Firstly, I found the subject very interesting and secondly, the film is based on Delhi and in that, I am playing a Delhi girl. So it was the combination of many things because of which I ended up doing it.
Is it kind of draining to play a womans role in a subjective movie…
Yes, it is. For two months I psyche myself out that this has happened with me when fortunately nothing of this sort has happened with you in real. It psyches you out so much that by the end of the day you feel that you are going through such sort of situation because every day you are used to feeling that. So, it does psyche you out. And I also got a little drained after it that I have to go for a week long holiday to get out of it. I almost was contemplating that if it doesn’t get fine after the holiday I have to consult a psychiatrist to get out of it. It becomes very vulnerable. You want to cry at everything. You want to just go into deep thinking and get scared of anything and everything around. So, it does change your psyche.
You are playing a Delhi girl in the film and you belong from Delhi. So was it easy for you to get into the skin of the character?
It was the easiest and the most difficult role at the same time. Easiest because I was just myself onto the set, difficult because it is not easy to portray like a victim when you actually are not going through it. So to portray someone who was a victim of molestation was a bit tough. But I have tried my best to be as close as possible to do whatever justice I put.
Has this film taken any incident from Nirbhaya case…
Not one incident but thousands of incidents. Nirbhaya went through something much more and this is very small part of that. Still it is something that has happened with so many women in our country. So, its not one particular incident.
What was the major challenge for you in this film?
Apart from playing the victim I am a person who likes to be happy in life, in general. So I am more or less smiling practically most of the time during the day. So to play someone who was having such sad or depressing moments throughout the film was a massive challenge. Well, that is what is acting, what people say but I can’t cry easily. For me it is very difficult to cry. I don’t really come across crying situations easily in my life or probably it is not easy for me to cry and I always end up listening to cry in most of my films till now. This was the biggest challenge, how will I be crying. I can’t drop my tear but I need to have those eyes and you can’t use glycerin for that. If you don’t get it from inside then it will not be so sure. The biggest thing that I have discovered while shooting for this film was that I can actually cry without using glycerin.
About Amitabh Bachchan?
Of course, everyone wants and aims to act with him. Not that I aimed for it because it was too early in my career to set up a goal of that sort but It was like a bonus gift that I got to work with him. That too, in a movie where you are playing an equally challenging role, if not more. To stand in front of him and just play a confident role was a big achievement to me which I felt unknowingly came to me like everything else in film industry. For someone who has never planned to become an actor at first place, to stand with Amitabh Bachchan in the same frame with such a strong role is, I can only say that it’s a bonus from God and I made sure that I make full use of it.