Exclusive Interview of Tia Bajpai

Sumeet Mishra | mumbai@bollywoodtown.in

TIA, an aspiring singer turned actor has her own way of working in B-town. Despite of getting various opportunities where unlike others she could have gained the more popularity but she still strongly believe to be known for her work only and not for anything else. This ‘Haunted’ girl has always tried to maintain a safe distance from rumours. So without much-a-do, presenting to you Tia Bajpai..

How has the process of turning an acter been?
I will say it was really un- predictable for me, because I was a singer and never thought of becoming an actor. While I was competing in ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’ show as a contestant, the people there were very confident that I can really act and from there, the process of acting started.
How did you learn acting?
Acting is not something which I had learnt from any institute or something. It was very odd for me when I started acting because singing is very different from it. You start and sing, and your job is done. But then in acting, we have different angles. Initially, it was a little odd but after a week, I started enjoying and it became fun after that. Because as an actor you get to play so many different characters that in real life you will never do.
Did it ever happen that you had to choose anyone thing among acting, singing and family?
No, that has never happened. But my family was pretty unhappy about the fact that I wanted to come to Mumbai and pursue a career here. I convinced them. So it was never like that I have to leave them and come to Mumbai. It has never been so dramatic in my life.
If there is a moment that you would like to relive what would it be?
I would like to relive the ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’ days in my life when I was a contestant. Specially, that elimination round where every Monday one contestant used to get knocked out. It was tough because that was like the end of the world for all of us. So that stomach churning and all that is memorable and now when I look back at it, I feel it was beautiful because that was the most important thing for us.
In an interview you said that you find comedy a tough genre?
Yes, I do find comedy a tough genre.
What’s your genre then?
An artist never has a genre. They have to be versatile, at least for me. I love to do everything because I love my job. I enjoy it because I get to play different types of roles. So, for me to define one thing that I enjoyed would be unfair to the other films that I have done.
Till date, horror movie is a wide part of your career graph, but tell us honestly do you feel scared watching a horror movie home alone?
Yes of course, but I will say that horror genre is really misunderstood in people’s mind. Before doing horror films I also used to be very scared. But after working in a film like ‘Haunted’, I realized that this is pure talent, where in they shoot a film with a unit of more than 100 people and then they show it on screen as if someone is walking alone or someone is going to get attacked. So that is pure talent, to portray something like that on screen and after that I started enjoying because then I knew that this is not real but fun, it gives you an adrenal rush. You know horror gives an adrenal rush that I enjoy.
Any message you would like to give your fans or our readers?
First of all I will thank them for supporting me with the little fame and everything which I had. I am really happy that people love me with whatever I do. Every time when I come up with different roles, they should accept me and keep showering their love.
What is your upcoming project?
I just came out with ‘Baankey Ki Crazy Baraat’ and now I am working on another script which I can not reveal now.
Do you have any specific success strategy or you are just following your intuition while choosing your script or directors or banners?
No. To me, if I like a particular someone who has a filmy background neither do I have any godfather in the industry and I am not even a star kid. I am someone who has gained little fame by doing movies. I go ahead with what would give me the tag of a good actor. So I choose film where I have something to do. I go with the script of the film if it is written beautifully and has a decent star cast and when I know that people are going to enjoy the film I go ahead with it.
In this world of struggle and industry of controversies how do you maintain having no unwanted buzz about yourself?
I think that comes with the kind of person you are. I do not like being in the limelight for some unnecessary reasons, I want that people should remember me only for my work. I am not someone who is really social so I do not go out for parties, I like being at home. So, I think it is probably because of that. I do not like any unnecessary interference from anyone in my life.
Who is your favourite among the three Khans?
Salman Khan is my favourite actor.
You always had a dream of becoming a singer, but while getting a break as an actor what was happening in your mind?
I was totally blank when Vikram Bhatt signed me for ‘Haunted’. We met while I was doing a photo shoot for one of my album. Vikram Bhatt saw my pictures and he said that you will be perfect for the character of ‘Meera’. So I can say that acting choose me.
If you get a chance to work in a remake of one of the legendary movies, which one would it be?
I have never thought about it. Yet, if I am offered a role, I would definitely love to be a part of films like ‘Madhumati’ or ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’. Because they are beautiful romantic films and a family entertainer too.