Dinesh Vijan narrated me the first scene of Raabta when the story was not even ready: Kriti Sanon

Sumeet Mishra | mumbai@bollywoodtown.in

Kriti Sanon who was last seen in Rohit Shetty’s Dilwale is soon going to be seen in Director Dinesh Vijan’s Raabta. I had the opportunity to chat with the beautiful actress during the promotion of her upcoming film Raabta and in a candid chat the actress spilled the beans about Sushant Singh Rajput which would interest you a lot, she also spoke of reincarnation, love story and more.. 

You are playing Sushant Singh Rajput’s love interest in this film (Raabta); do you know how to make way into his heart?
You just have to show chocolate to him (Sushant Singh Rajput) that’s all. The way he reacts to chocolate, ice cream like a little baby is very amazing. So the easiest way to impress or woo him, if you want him to like you is to get him chocolate and ice creams.
The tag line of the film is “Everything Is Connected”, how much do you believe in this in real life?
I feel that I was meant to be a part of Raabta. It’s so strange that before I have signed Heropanti I met Dinesh Vijan for some reason where he narrated me the first scene of Raabta when the story was not even ready.
He narrated me the first chocolate shop scene of this girl and boy and how they strangely get connected. It was about the time when I was about to do my first film and now after doing this film and that to in a random meeting just feeling that I had some connect with the script. So yes, I do feel that ‘Everything Is Connected’.
Do you believe in reincarnation love story?
I don’t know about reincarnation love story but I do believe in connections and somewhere through the film I started believing in it even more. My character Saira does believe in that so I also started believing in it. Whenever you meet someone for the first time you get a positive or negative vibes about them, so somewhere I do believe that we have probably a past connection which is why you get this vibes.
You are seen playing two roles in this film which one did you enjoyed playing the most?
I probably spent a little more time thinking about Saira so yes the present character is more close to me. I got very much attached to her when I was playing Saira. Saiba which is my other character for which I didn’t have any kind of reference was a bit more difficult as she was not from today’s time.
How was it performing action in films for the first time?
I have always been wanting to try my hand at action and I loved doing it.
Unfortunately, I haven’t done much action in this film because there is just small section in which I had a smallest section to perform action.