CREW music review | This upbeat Hindi All-Female Heist thriller comedy feature film…

Girish Wankhede |

This upbeat Hindi All-Female Heist thriller comedy feature film offered by the Balaji stable has all the elements which can engage a regular filmgoer. It has an engaging and topical plot with accurate writing and some fun elements thrown in with a modern approach of storytelling. This again compliments with spirited background music and songs which are the strategic mix of remix (pun intended) and originals.

Directed by Rajesh Krishnan, this cool looking film revolves around three female leads who are distressed by their personal economical plights and are hell bent to gain mullah by every possible means. In this context, they start smuggling gold and graduate to go for the bigger heist. These all situations are quite relatable and the music in the background enhances the scenes. It never allows any dull moments and keeps the tempo high. John Stewart Eduri and Chandan Saxena are background composers who take the comic situations too seriously to falter. They have controlled sound elements which never go out of the sync and flow of the film.

Secondly, the song’s composers have also done their bit by panache. Diljit Dosanjh and Asses Kaur sang Mere Sung’ which is a pure romantic number with modern sound delivered by composer Raj Ranjodh. Popular for Punjabi music, this composer known for his lyrics in Singham’ and Do Lafzon ki Kahani’ has rendered another Pop-rap mix of Diljit Dosanjh and Badshah called Naina’ which comes with end-credits and doesn’t show any impact. While the composer reaches a considerable professional height with Mere Sung’, the other composition in the name of Naina’ falls flat. In addition to these two originals, the other two are remixes which are catchy and smart. The ever popular Rajasthani track of Ila Arun, Delhi Shahar Mein Maro Ghagro Jo Ghumyo’ is offered with a new structure called Ghagra’ composed by Bharg Kale. This new Nikamma’ fame composer is in his element with Ghagra’ and is successful in giving it an extra edge with added singing talents of Romy and Srushti Tawade.. But the cake certainly is taken away by Choli Ke Peeche’ which stands out because of its verve and style. This original song composed by Laxmikant-Pyarelal for Khalnayak’ has always been the super-hyped song and has seen its several remixed versions played in all these years. Akshay and IP remixed this latest version which still has life and vivacity. It grips you with its catchy motif and grown-on-you adaptation. Along with the original singers, Ila Arun and Alka Yagnik, the new additions of Diljit Dosanjh and IP Singh add on zing to this IP Singh written classic. It pats on the back of the comic situations in the film and sets the tempo rolling.

While these four songs are mentioned almost everywhere, the remix of Sona Kitna Sona Hai’ is not talked about which is often brought up in some eminent scenes of the film to add wit and allure. Overall, the solid team of background and song composers have done a vital job to keep this tongue in cheek modern heist comedy afloat with their brilliance and modern understanding of contemporary music.

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