‘Malhar’ movie review | …a film that cinema enthusiasts should see because of its incredible story

Film: Malhar
Starring: Anjali Patil, Sharib Hashmi, Srinivas Pokale, Rishi Saxena, Mohammad Samad, Vinayak Potdar, Akshata Acharya
Director: Vishal Kumbhar
Producer: Praful Pasad
Language: Hindi, Marathi
Release Date: 07.06.2024
Rating: 3/5 stars

By Yogesh Mishra
Bollywood is showing more and more courage to make movies that don’t follow the formula and aren’t masala blockbusters. This week saw the release of “Malhar,” a film directed by the up-and-coming Vishal Kumbhar that is yet another example of masterful, impassioned cinematography. The film Malhar features three exquisitely entwined narratives that are interconnected. Even if it was challenging to tell multiple storylines in a single picture, the filmmaker should be commended for this one.

This movie tells the tale of two best friends who are boys. A boy wears a hearing aid because he has hearing problems. The narrative centers on his struggle to replace the broken machine with a new one. In the second story, Kesar, the son of the local sarpanch, is married to Laxman. Her in-laws have been cursing her nonstop since she is not becoming pregnant even after several days of marriage. A significant turn in the plot occurs when he meets Mohan (Sharib Hashmi) in the interim. Javed and his older sister Jasmine are the subject of the third story in the movie. Jatin captures Jasmine’s heart. The narrative shows their struggle to meet and how it turned out. Malhar is a fantastic combination of these three tales, all of which are set in the same town and have strong connections to one another. Climax is the crux of the story. To know what happens at the end, one must watch it.

Anjali Patil did a great job portraying the difficult role of Kesar in the movie. He has a very different appearance. His speech, mannerisms, and clothing all seem authentic. In the part of Mohan, Sharib Hashmi has also made an impression. In the movie, Mohammad Samad, Akshata Acharya, Rishi Saxena, and Srinivas Pokale all gave outstanding performances. The two young performers have both displayed natural acting.

The setting of Kutch also makes an appearance in producer Praful Pasad’s movie Malhar as a character. The screenplay for the movie was written by Vishal Kumbhar and Apoorva Patil, while Siddharth Salvi and Swapnil Sitaram wrote the dialogue. Ganesh Kamble did the cinematography, Akshay Kumar did the compilation, and T. Satish and Sarang Kulkarni did the music. The movie’s soundtrack and music are also situational. In both Hindi and Marathi, the movie was simultaneously released in theaters.

Malhar is a film that cinema enthusiasts should see because of its incredible story, acting, and directing. Malhar is a raga that gradually makes its way into your heart. So why hold off? Go watch it at the theater that’s closest to you.