Dhartti Bhatt shares her experience on her recent trip to Baku, Azerbaijan & Shahdag

Actress Dhartti Bhatt, whom we have seen in shows like Woh Toh Hai Albela and Purnima has a deep passion for travelling to new places. Recently she has been to a few places where she has made plenty of new memories. Sharing more on that Dhartti says, ”I travelled to Baku and Azerbaijan for 9 days. From there went to Shahdag which is known as mini Switzerland of Azerbaijan. It was a family trip. My mom loves to travel so thought of taking her to this great place Baku which gives European vibes. It was a great decision to explore Baku.” Asked about the best thing of Baku, she says, ”the local people are so kind-hearted, sweet and helpful. I have never seen locals giving so much of respect and love to tourists. The best part of this trip is I made so many new friends including two girls with whom I connected so well! We even went on a day trip with them. It was super fun. We have also danced to Hindi songs as they are huge fans of Shah Rukh Khan even though they don’t understand the language.  One of them even took me to her place where she made coffee and traditional Azerbaijani soup.  I was so overwhelmed by their nature it was the most memorable experience I had with these two girls. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Baku.The entire city left a lasting impression on me. Baku is so beautiful. The highlight for me was the coaster ride through the snow. It was incredibly thrilling and superb. I highly recommend everyone to experience it!”

Is she a light traveler? Or prefers to have everything handy in a large bag?  ”Of course I prefer less luggage! But at the same time I love styling so somewhere I try to balance. Saving money while travelling is tough but I don’t shop much as I don’t like to make my luggage heavier than permitted. The best part of traveling is the opportunity to unwind by immersing myself in new cultures, trying local cuisines, and embracing the beauty of unfamiliar landscapes. It’s the perfect way to refresh and gain new perspectives.”

What is the next in her bucket list of travelling? She says,”In future I want to travel to  Seoul in South Korea as I am a huge Korean drama lover and love Korean heroes. After that it would be Italy as I am a pizza lover.”