Aradhana Sharma opens up about being part of Video Cam Scam

Aradhana Sharma

Actress Aradhana Sharma, who is part of web series Video Cam Scam, which will be streaming on OTT platform Epic on, says that she is thrilled to be part of the project. Produced by Pavan Malu (Blue drop films), directed by Vaibhav Khishti, and written by Arpit Vageria, the series is sure to be loved, says the actress.

“The title, Video Cam Scam, gives you a hint that it involves video, a camera and a scam. However, the scam isn’t just financial; it also targets you emotionally by exploiting your values, morality, and personal integrity. This is done through the use of cameras and advanced video techniques driven by current AI technology. In essence, it’s a plot that manipulates not only your financial well-being but also your emotional and moral values,” she says.

She adds, “What drew me to this project is that as an actor, my role goes beyond just performing, it’s about raising awareness. I believe in spreading awareness about rising trends like morphing and deep fake videos, which are causing significant harm to people mentally and financially. I saw this as an opportunity to contribute to a meaningful agenda and felt a sense of purpose in being part of a project that addresses these issues. Additionally, I resonated with the character and truly appreciate the vision behind this project, making it a fulfilling and impactful endeavour for me.”

Talking about her character, she says, “She’s an unethical hacker, the kind you might have seen in movies, driven solely by a love for money, greed, and avarice, she’s a college dropout hungry for wealth, but what sets my character apart is the touch of emotion within. Despite being a scammer, unethical, and quite dangerous, there’s a distinctive emotional side that makes her different from other characters in the story.”

This series stands apart, says the actress, adding, “It’s different in a way that it doesn’t just have spice; it combines entertainment with information. The whole concept of infotainment is crucial, especially for OTT platforms, as they extend beyond TVs and cinemas to our phones. With the growing user base, OTT platforms face a significant risk – the rise of frauds. Video Cam Scam aims to help a general audience not only by entertaining but also by informing them. It guides on dealing with issues like deep faking and morphing, not just financially but also legally. It emphasizes that being a victim doesn’t make you weak; the perpetrator is the one at fault. This project aims to motivate people to stand up against crimes, making them realize that the shame lies with the criminal, not the victim. It’s an important takeaway from the storyline.”

Talking about working with actors like Rajniesh Duggall, Amruta Khanvilkar, and Farnaaz Shetty, she says, “Honestly, everyone Rajnesh, Amruta, Kunj, Farnaaz they are all excellent actors. I’ve learned a lot, especially since I have the least experience among them. Despite being the least experienced, they treat me with a lot of respect and love. They are down-to-earth and incredibly creative individuals. Working with them has been an amazing experience, and I feel fortunate to be part of this team.”