Anjali Arora starrer Shri Ramayan Katha teaser poster revealed

The anticipation for the cinematic retelling of the timeless epic, Ramayana, reaches new heights as the teaser poster for Shri Ramayana Katha is unveiled. Produced by Mahobiya Film Production Pvt Ltd and helmed by director Abhishek Singh, this mythological drama promises to offer audiences a fresh and emotionally captivating perspective on the legendary tale.

The teaser poster of Shri Ramayan Katha sets the stage for an epic journey with its striking imagery. At the forefront, we see the powerful face of Hanuman, his expression resonating with strength and devotion. Inscribed on Hanuman’s forehead is the sacred name of Lord Ram, symbolising his unwavering loyalty and dedication. Yet, within the contours of Hanuman’s face, we catch a glimpse of Lord Ram himself, subtly intertwined with the essence of his devoted disciple. This fusion of imagery hints at the profound bond between Ram and Hanuman, setting the tone for a narrative that delves deep into the spiritual and emotional facets of the epic. Anjali Arora leads the ensemble cast, bringing depth and authenticity to the character she portrays.

Behind the scenes, the film boasts a skilled team of creators, including director Abhishek Singh, who lends his vision to the project. With cinematographer Kunal Kadam capturing the grandeur of the narrative, and music by Dev & Ashish setting the tone, Shri Ramayan Katha promises to be a visual and auditory feast for audiences.

Director Abhishek Singh shares his vision for Shri Ramayan Katha at the teaser poster launch, With the unveiling of our teaser poster, we invite audiences to embark on a journey of spiritual resonance and emotional depth. Through innovative storytelling and visual symbolism, we aim to breathe new life into the timeless saga of Ramayana. This poster is just a glimpse of the immersive experience that awaits, as we strive to craft a cinematic masterpiece that resonates with the soul.

As the teaser poster of Shri Ramayan Katha is unveiled, it ignites excitement and curiosity among audiences eager to embark on this cinematic journey. With its promise of emotional depth, visual splendour, and a stellar cast and crew, the film is poised to carve its own place in the pantheon of mythological epics. Stay tuned for further updates as Shri Ramayan Katha prepares to grace the screens in 2025, promising an unforgettable cinematic experience.

Actress Anjali Arora said “I believe makers saw something in me that convinced them I could do justice to the character. I was finalized last month, and since then, I have been watching videos, doing readings, and attending workshops. I will give my best to do justice to the character.”

Under the banner of  Mahobiya Film Production Pvt Ltd, the film is Produced by Prakash Mahobiya and Sanjay Bundela. The film is written by  Sachin Kumar Singh and directed by Abhishek Singh.