Achievers who have made Indian proud at Cannes Film Festival

The Cannes Film Festival, one of the most prestigious and glamorous events in the international circuit, has often been graced by Indian luminaries who have left an indelible mark on the global stage. These Indian achievers have showcased not only their talent but also the rich cultural heritage of India proudly representing the nation on a global platform. Their presence at Cannes not only highlights their individual achievements but also reiterates the growing influence of India in the world of cinema, fashion and entrepreneurship.

Here’s taking a look at Indian achievers who have each made significant contributions and garnered widespread acclaim at Cannes:

Deepika Padukone – Bollywood’s Numero Uno Deepika Padukone, has consistently turned heads with her stunning appearances at Cannes. In 2022, Deepika added another global feather to her hat when she was chosen as a jury member proudly representing India on the global stage. Her sartorial choices and charismatic presence have made her a favorite among international fashion critics and film enthusiasts alike.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, a former Miss World has been a perennial presence at Cannes since 2002. Her association with the festival began when she represented Bollywood for the premiere of “Devdas.” Over the years, Aishwarya has become a symbol of grace and elegance and her contributions have significantly elevated the global perception of Indian cinema.

Diipa Khosla – Diipa Khosla is a global Indian entrepreneur who has made a significant impact in various industries. She has attended the Cannes Film Festival six times and is set to make her seventh appearance. In 2018, she made history as India’s first global influencer to walk the Cannes red carpet, paving the way for other Indian creators. In 2023, she used the platform to showcase indē wild, an Indian-founded brand, and curated an ensemble of South Asian global talent. This year, she is expected to once again captivate with her style and innovative spirit.

Priyanka Chopra – Priyanka Chopra, a global icon has made impactful appearances at Cannes, showcasing her versatility and appeal. Priyanka’s presence at Cannes has been marked by her bold fashion statements and advocacy for diversity and representation in cinema. Her participation at the festival highlights the increasing influence of Indian talent in global entertainment.

Sonam Kapoor – Sonam Kapoor, known for her avant-garde fashion sense, has been a standout at Cannes for several years. As a fashion icon and Bollywood actress, Sonam’s red carpet appearances are highly anticipated and widely covered. Her collaborations with top designers and her ability to push fashion boundaries have made her a favorite at the festival.