Rosh movie review

Film: Rosh
Starring: Mimoh Chakraborty, Yash Raj (YR), Nikita Soni, Alina Rai, Vrajesh Hirjee, Govind Panday, Ruchi Tiwari, Allu Ashish Soni, Jill Kilroy
Genre: Suspense-Thriller
Director: Jayveer Panghaal
Release Date: 12.05.2023
Rating: 3.5/5

By Yogesh Mishra
Director Jayveer Panghaal’s “Rosh” is one of the finest suspense-thriller movies of the year. The movie beautifully showcases how a person’s hunger for money can destroy someone’s life in a big way.

The story revolves around Rajat Khanna (Mimoh Chakraborty), a highly ambitious businessman who can go to any lengths to make money. Ronika (Nikita Soni), Alina (Alina Rai), and Rajat are involved in an accident that alters everything while returning from a party. Immediately after the accident, a delivery boy named Ganesh (Yash Raj) enters their house with a birthday cake that they ordered online. Between delivery boy Ganesh and Rajat, there are numerous facets of mystery. As the plot develops, morality becomes hazy for both the protagonist and the adversary, and the story grows even more mysterious.

Although actor Mimoh Chakraborty is playing lead role in the film, but the moment newcomer Yash Raj (YR) entered the film, he started grabbing the attention of the audience. Although he took a slow start in the film with a faded and low-profile character, as the movie led towards its climax, Yash Raj took the movie by storm. This way, undeniably, Yash Raj took the film to the next level with his outstanding performance. His tragic family story in the film created sympathy in the audience, which was highly supported by his innocent look and mind-blowing performance.

The audience was thrilled by Mimoh Chakraborty and Yash Raj’s performances. Mimoh always had a dashing appearance on the screen, and he has served to justify his part. Other artists, such as Nikita Soni, Alina Rai, Vrajesh Hirjee, Govind Panday, Ruchi Tiwari, Allu Ashish Soni, and Jill Kilroy, have also done justice to their roles and made their presence felt.

Although music does not play any major role in this thriller, but still, the music of Monty Sharma is quite entertaining and enhances the beauty of the film.

Overall, this is one of the finest thrillers that holds the attention of the audience till the end. Mimoh Chakraborty and Yash Raj’s combination has given a boost to the film. The film has almost everything that a suspense thriller movie requires. So why wait? Go and watch it in your nearest cinema hall.