Mugdha Godse : from fashion to Bollywood

Sumeet Mishra |

Bollywood’s one of the most lovable actress Mugdha Godse finally revealed that her modeling profession actually helped her to enter into film industry. This bold and beautiful model turned actor has received several recognitions in fashion industry before entering into film industry. She has done several hit movies and still have some good future assignments. In a candid interview, she expressed her deep inspiring experiences about her Bollywood Journey..

How will you describe your journey in Bollywood?
It was not an easy journey, but destiny supported a lot. When time is right everything happens right.
How did you stumble into this profession?
I didn’t plan to come into this profession but my effort was to do something on my own since I was a teenager. And modeling fell perfectly post that runway and films.
What were the initial challenges you faced in your Career?
Initial challenges was to get established in the industry and now the struggle is to maintain that and establish further.
How has life changed for you after your debut film Fashion?
Life has changed in a way that I became more famous, people liked my work a lot, and I started getting recognition and now when people find me at Shopping Malls or public places people come up to me and praise me for my acting.
We saw you in a serious film like fashion and then we saw you in a comedy movie like ‘All The Best’ how do you prepare yourself for this kind of role?
Fashion was my first movie, so I was just ready to give my best. The kind of people I had around me helped me a lot I didn’t feel any pressure anyway.
You are tall and beautiful. What kind of role do you prefer?
Sometimes beauty and glamour quotient can be a baggage. But I would like to do more challenging roles.
What are your upcoming projects?
Ishq Ne…. Krezzy Kiya Re is my upcoming movie which is going to be released in October, and then I have signed a new film ‘Romila’ where I will be playing a Bengali lady role. The film is yet to go on floor.
Is there any untold story about you that people are unaware of?
I don’t know that if people know that I am very shy person by nature.
Where do you see your- self five years down the line?
One cannot say where they will be after five years, you just have to keep performing.
According to you how easy or difficult it is for a new comer to make an entry into Bollywood?
It is very challenging for a newcomer to make his place in the industry.
Any three actors that you like to work with?
There are many good actors in the industry that I would like to work with. Nawazuddin Siddiqui is one of them, with whom I would like to work. And then there are three Khans, it will be a pleasure to work with them as well.