I am sure that Indian people will love our movie The Brat: Pereverzeva Lulia

Yogesh Mishra | yogesh@bollywoodtown.in

Pereverzeva Lulia is one of the most popular Russian actresses and film producers. She produced a film named “The Brat,” directed by her husband Valeriy Perevezev, and is planning to release it in India too. For this purpose, the duo has come to India this month and is trying to work out the possibilities of releasing their Russian movie here. In an exclusive interview with Yogesh Mishra, she spoke about the character she is playing in The Brat, its release schedule, plans to make a movie in India, and more…

So, will you be releasing in India in English only or in any Indian language like Hindi or so?
We are now thinking about this. So the main idea is right now to make dubbing into English, but we are open to discussing it with our distributor Manoj Nandwana, and we will think about this and decide on it in the coming month.
What are your expectations from the Indian market for your movie?
I am sure that Indian people will love our movie “The Brat” because it is about the love between a girl and a boy and the fight for their love. Also, this film has lots of music inside, lots of comedy genres, dialogues, and a happy ending. So, I think that this movie will find a good place in the Indian market.
You’re the producer of this film, right?
So for this movie, I’m the creator of the screenplay, which I wrote with my husband. We make it together. So after that, I’m a producer for this movie, and I’m also an actress. I play a big role in this film.
What character are you playing in this film? Are you in the lead role?
So it’s one of the leading roles. It’s like antagonism. So I play a very bad girl. She is a little bit criminal, and she makes the best deals in this movie. So it’s like an antagonistic role, I can say.
Your husband is the director of this film, and you are an actress and producer. So, we can say it’s a complete in-house product for you, right?
Yeah, right. Also, there are very famous Russian actors in this film who are playing different kinds of roles.
It’s been released in Russia, right?
No, it’s not. It is not yet released in Russia, but we will release it in one month.
Do you have any plans to make any films in India?
Yes, we are already in India right now. First, we are planning to distribute our film “The Brat,” and then we will try to start production here too.