Gauri Khan shared her experiences with the future designers of NIFD Global

Mumbai, June 11, 2024: It was an honour for NIFD Global to have famous interior designer Gauri Khan as a celebrity mentor, providing students from all across the nation with a rare chance to engage with and pick the brain of one of the top professionals in the field.

Students from the Pan-India centers of NIFD Global awaited the chance to meet Gauri Khan, who is renowned for her outstanding contributions to the interior design industry. Students were full of questions during the class as they tried to grasp the subtleties and dynamics of the modern interior design profession.

Gauri Khan talked about her path, her experiences, and her priceless insights into the interior design industry. “The industry is growing rapidly and offers immense scope for creativity and innovation,” she remarked. Her narrative emphasised the importance of passion, perseverance, and continuous learning in achieving success.

NIFD Global honored and valued Gauri Khan during the occasion for imparting to the students her vast knowledge and practical experience. She said how happy she was to see the pupils’ passion and interest in design. “It’s inspiring to see such curiosity and dedication among the students. Their excellent questions reflect their deep engagement and potential to excel in this industry,” she said.

Gauri’s attendance demonstrated NIFD Global’s dedication to provide its students access to the greatest industry knowledge and mentoring in order to equip them to lead the design industry in the future. At the event, Gauri Khan enthusiastically struck up a conversation with the students and the NIFD Global team. Sachin Kumbhaar served as the event’s host.