Gadar is such a film that I treat it itself as an award for me: Anil Sharma

Yogesh Mishra |

One of the most lovable film director Anil Sharma is currently in news for launching his son Utkarsh in Bollywood. Sharma who is widely known for his movie ‘Gadar-Ek Prem Katha’ has given many blockbusters in the past. He has directed many hit movies like- Shradhanjali, Hukumat, Elan-E-Jung, Tahalka, The Hero- The Story Of A Spy, Apne and many others. In an interview with ‘Bollywood Town’ he reveals how he missed the opportunity to get some big film awards, special bonding with Dharmendra’s family and many more…

‘Gadar-Ek Prem Katha’ is considered as one of the finest film till now. Tell us how much did it helped in lifting up your career?
I will say I got the actual recognition in the industry through ‘Gadar’ as it enhanced my career even further. A film like ‘Gadar’ happens once in a century. Today Gadar is known as one of the 4 iconic films in the history of Indian cinema. It was the first Bollywood film that reached the 200 crore mark. It is because of Gadar that people now call me as Anil Gadar Sharma and nothing means more to me than this. The film became so close to people inside and outside the industry that once at an award function I met Yash Chopra and he asked me in humorous way “how come you made this film? I should have made it.” And after a while he got carried away and his eyes turned moist. He said that if I had the chance to see only one movie then definitely I would go for ‘Gadar’.
You have assisted B. R Chopra in many films. When did the thought of becoming an independent director popped up in your mind?
I directed my first film when I was just 22 and the idea to become a director came to my mind when I was a teenager. So it all started from ‘Shradhanjali’. The film became a huge success and it was released across 35 cities in India. One of the finest director of bollywood Industry Manmohan Desai Ji once gave an interview to a magazine in which he mention my name in the top five director of future. So that was a huge compliment for me.
You have extensively worked with the Deols (Dharmendra’s family). Is there any special incident behind this strong bonding?
It all started with Dharmendra and as time passed our bond became even stronger. Today I have worked with all the male actors of Deol family. From Dharmendra to Sunny till Bobby and the journey have been quite successful. We have done some fantastic movie together. The whole family is a bunch of wonderful people. Post ‘Gadar’ I wanted to make a film with Dharam, Sunny and Bobby together. It took around 4-5 years for me to develop the story of ‘Apne’. And when I finished writing the story then finally ‘Apne’ happened.
You have been nominated as a best director for several film awards, Is there any specific award that you wish to win?
‘Gadar’ is such a film that I treat it itself as an award for me. It’s a kind of a film that will remain as the finest film even after 100 years. I feel ‘Gadar’ deserved every single award but unfortunately it didn’t. Though Gadar went on to become an iconic film yet a journalist wrote an article on Gadar which has its headline as ‘Gatar- Ek Prem Katha’.
You have worked with many great actors and actresses. Does working with your own son can make you feel nervous?
I don’t feel any pressure as I have worked with many new comers in the industry so I know very well how to handle a new comer. I share a very friendly bond with my son. He is a great guy and listen my instructions very well. My son Utkarsh is a very original, sincere and focused guy. He was excellent in academics since he was kid and I think this may take him to the top.