Adipurush movie review

Film: Adipurush

Starring: Prabhas, Kriti Sanon, Saif Ali Khan, Sunny Singh, Devdatta Nage, Sonal Chauhan, Vatsal Sheth

Director: Om Raut

Genre: Epic

Release Date: 16.06.2023

Rating: 1/5

By: Yogesh Mishra
Adipursuh, directed by Om Raut, was criticised as soon as the teaser was made public. Let’s try to understand whether these people were right or wrong to oppose the makers of Adipurush now that the movie has been released.
We don’t need to explain the plot because it is mostly based on the Ramayana epic by Valmiki. None of the work, except from the two background songs “Jai Shree Ram” and “Ram Siya Ram,” is particularly noteworthy. Actor Saif Ali Khan has tried to bring some power in his part but failed at the large. The most sacred epic Ramayana has never been the subject of a worse film.

Let’s discuss those fifteen unbearable scenes that can also be considered reasons not to watch Adipurush:
1.) The Ramayana, despite being one of the most popular and well-known stories in our country, has been manipulated in many places that contradict the story of Valmiki’s Ramayana.
2.) The screenplay and dialogue are pathetic. The worst possible dialogues are used, and the words used are like the ones used by current local sadak-chhap tapori.
3.) Ravana was a Brahmin, but here he has been shown feeding meat to his pet.
4.) Ravana is shown having a drink at home with his son and brother; this was absolutely unbearable.
5.) Ashok Vatika is known as one of the most beautiful gardens in Lanka, but here it is shown as a stony place situated on a hillside with hardly few magical illuminated trees. This is like the worst imagination that we can have about Ashok Vatika.
6.) Ravana takes Sita on his Pushpak Vimaan to reach Lanka, but here he takes Sita on a horrible bird ride (it reminds us of the iconic scenes of the Hollywood movie Avatar).
7.) In a few scenes, Ram and Sita are shown running to hug each other in full filmy style. (The scene reminds you of the iconic Raj-Simran’s climax scene in Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge.)
8.) Few songs are picturized in Bollywood’s romantic song style with Ram and Sita, losing the actual feel of Treta Yuga.
9.) VFX is not that attractive; many of the time, it loses its impact.
10.) Lanka town is shown fully in black stone, although, as per the Ramayana, the entire country is known to be of gold.
11.) Except for Ram and Laxman, the other male artists are using the latest hair cut style that is used by youngsters nowadays. (Such posters and banners can be seen in front of almost every hair-cutting salon in the current scenario.)
12.) Even the lead pair, Prabhas and Kriti Sanon, failed to justify their roles as Ram and Sita. The expression on Prabhas’s face is always shown as tensed, and Kriti’s dialogue delivery was not up to par.
13.) In a few of the war scenes with Ravan, Ram falls to the ground in an insulting manner. This is absolutely unbearable; the fight master must have taken care of such sensitive scenes.
14.) There is a scene where Ravan, along with his son, brings Sita in front of Rama as a prisoner. Sita is shown terrifically, like a modern-day high profile prisoner’s tightly held in an iron chain.
15.) In the name of cinematic liberty, the director has hurt the sentiments of the majority of our countrymen who worship Lord Rama.
These few scenes are horrible, unbearable, and hurt the sentiments of the crores of Lord Rama’s devotees. This is absolutely not expected from the director like Om Raut and country’s most respectable film production house T-Series.
Overall, it seems like the filmmakers have never read the Ramayana and only overheard the story from a very less knowledgeable person. This is absolutely a hurtful movie, so it cannot be recommended to watch.