Action, Drama and dance in new episode of Nath Zewar Ya Zanjeer

December 06, 2021 BT/PR

Mahua is once again in trouble in Dangal TV's popular show Nath Zewar Ya Zanjeer. Actually Mahua has been Kidnapped and taken to the Brothel and now it will be shocking to see whether anyone comes there to get her out or not? 

This important sequence was shot by creating a spectacular set in Mumbai. Meanwhile, Chahat Pandey told that Ramesh Thakur has been after Mahua since the beginning, and keeps doing some bad things with her. Tries to kill her but Mahua is always saved by Mahadev's blessings. And now Ramesh Thakur has crossed all limits and has sold Mahua on a kotha. Mahua is dancing reluctantly even without wanting to. The audience is going to feel bad but the story is going to be interesting. In the climax of this scene, everyone's mood will explode and Shambhu comes and fight with everyone. 

Adhiraj is very nice to me, helping me a lot. Saved Mahua's life. The bullet fires and he takes it upon himself. For me, Adhiraj has come as a God . He also fights with goons to save me and Shambhu. But what happens next will have to be seen. Why is Adhiraj doing all this, is he really good or is it just a plan . You will know this as you watch the episodes of Nath. 

Chahat Pandey further said that I enjoy doing such scenes a lot because I get to do a lot of new things, I get to learn. 

Arjit Taneja said that Adhiraj is good for us at the moment. He saves Mahua and my life. But his agenda is something else which will be revealed later which we do not know. Right now he is very positive, helping the family, teaching Mahua, but what will happen later, it will be for the audience to see. I have worked with Karan Khanna in the show Bahu Begum. It's fun working with him. 

Karan Khanna told that whenever Adhiraj comes to this family, he brings some drama, brings surprise. In this sequence too, he takes the bullet on himself hit by Shambhu . In this way, he wants to make a place for himself in the hearts of the family members. Adhiraj is still conspiring but when it is revealed, there will be a surprise for the audience as well.Adhiraj's character is not positive or negative in this, he is wearing gray shades. When people come to know why he is doing all this, what is his back story, then they will be surprised. The character of Adhiraj has been introduced in the show so that it goes to the serial high point, creates more twists and turns and that is what this character is doing. The story is written very spicy so I think people will enjoy it. My role in the show is very good, which is taking the story forward, so I am enjoying it. 

Anurag Sharma, who is playing the role of Ramesh Thakur, said that my character was negative from the beginning only. This sequence is going to be a big highlight for the viewers of the show, people will hate my character even more and that will be my victory. The sequence is going to keep the audience hooked and create curiosity among the audience for the upcoming episodes. 

The show Nath Zewar Ya Zanjeer stars Arjit Taneja, Chahat Pandey, Karan Khanna, Anurag Sharma, Vaibhavi Kapoor, Pratima Kanan, Ravi Gosai, Anjana Singh, Riya Bhattacharjee, Mamta Solanki and others. Nath Zewar or Zanjeer can be seen every Monday to Saturday at 8 PM on Dangal TV.

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