Blind Love 2 brings Aalisha Panwar and Shagun Pandey together in this love story

September 14, 2021

After the grand success of Blind Love short film, FNP Media and director Prradip Khairwar are gearing up for the second season. The trailer looks promising. Actors Shagun Pandey, Aalisha Panwar and Vishal Malhotra have got into the skin of characters. The actor's avatar from the film is also impressive.

Director Prradip Khairwar has a long association with filmmaker Ram Gopal Verma and has worked with him for eight long years. Talking about the film, "The short film is beautiful and all about raw emotions to do with love, longing and loss. My experience was really amazing working with all of them. About the actors and crew are very supportive and I enjoyed working!".

Expressing the happiness producer Vikaas Gutgutia shares, "The overwhelming response that we received around the first part of Blind Love led us to produce the second part of the film. Blind Love 1 has recently crossed more than 10 million views.  Pradip Khairwar’s directorial brings a story of love and attachment which is very rare. Starring popular faces Shagun Pandey and Aalisha Panwar in the lead, the short film tells the true tale of love. The film is a hard work of the entire team starting from the spot boy to the director who deserves a huge round of applause, I on behalf of FNP Media would like to express my gratitude to everyone associated with the making of this beautiful movie".

Music is composed by Eshant Dhingra, lyrics by Menka Rai and vocals by Tash M. The short film is produced under FNP Media and FNP Films. It has been produced by Vikaas Gutgutia and the Creative Producer is Ahmad Faraz.

Prradip Khairwar’s directorial Blind Love 2 brings a story of love and attachment seldom found. Starring Shagun Pandey and Aalisha Panwar in the lead, the short film tells the tale of true love and the adage that we see our loved ones not through our eyes but our hearts.

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