Indraneil Sengupta starrer crime thriller "AAZAM" slated to release on 19th May 2023

May 04, 2023

With his upcoming movie "AAZAM," Indraneil Sengupta is poised to have a significant impact on the silver screen. The suspenseful criminal drama, which is directed by Shravan Tiwari and produced by T.B. Patel, delves deep into Mumbai's underworld. One of the most anticipated films of the year, Indraneil Sengupta will appear alongside seasoned performers like Jimmy Sheirgill and Abhimanyu Singh. The movie's motion poster was already made public.

In the film, Indraneil Sengupta will play the role of DCP Joshi. Talking about his role in the film, Sengupta said, "My character is an integral part of the film, and it was a great experience working with such a talented cast and crew. I am excited about the film and can't wait for audiences to watch it on the big screen."

"Aazam" promises to be an adrenaline-pumping ride, full of suspense and intrigue. The film revolves around the succession battle of a mafia don Nawab Khan, who controls the syndicate of five partners governing the city. Kadar (played by Abhimanyu Singh), Nawab's son, is his legitimate heir in the business, but he plans to eliminate all his father's associates on the advice of his colleague Javed (played by Jimmy Sheirgill). However, Kadar's plan fails as other syndicate members have their own agenda for the gang war. In the middle of this conspiracy, DCP Joshi, played by Indraneil, is trying to stop the gang war havoc.

Under the banner of BMX Motion Pictures Pvt Ltd, the film has been produced by T.B Patel, with direction, writing, editing, and screenplay credits all attributed to Shravan Tiwari.  Durga Natraj composes the film’s music, with lyrics by Nawab Arzoo. The background score is by Karan Kunal, and the action is choreographed by Niraj Mishra. The cinematography is by Ranjit Sahu. The costumes are designed by Monika Srivastav, and the film's Head of Production is Vishal Mall.

"AAZAM" is slated to release on 19th May 2023 in theatres, and fans of crime thrillers are in for a treat. The film promises to be a cinematic experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Don't miss this thrilling crime saga featuring Indraneil Sengupta, Jimmy Sheirgill, and Abhimanyu Singh when it hits theatres.

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