A lengthy gravity-defying, high-octane bike-truck chase is the highlight of Bholaa

March 24, 2023

To say superstar-filmmaker Ajay Devgn has hit it out of the park when it comes to gravity-defying action in his upcoming action-drama Bholaa which is releasing on March 30 (3D and IMAX 3D as well) will definitely be an understatement. He has created a dangerous and peril-ridden world with drug lords, gangs, cops and common men all fighting to grab the booty.   And, some who are fighting back to save the maal.

The actor is known as ``Mass Maharaja'' because he knows the pulse of his audience has become synonymous with doing startling stunts(like doing a split on two bikes in his debut film Phool Aur Kaante) for the last three decades. This time around, he has once again taken Indian cinema action to new highs. It's going to be whistles and claps all the way for this astonishing sequence.

While Bholaa has non-stop action through the film laced with a deep emotional story-connect, the highlight of the film is; wait, hold your breath!; a   prolonged bike-truck sequence that was shot painstakingly over 11 days with fighters, specialists and supervisors from India and Europe. The bike sequences seen in the teaser and trailer of the film are some of the most-impressive sequences. The lead actor himself has performed breathtaking bike scenes which are fast, furious and very hard to emulate.

Not one to give away too much, Ajay says, “The action of Bholaa is one of the highlights of the film. The truck-bike chase was the toughest to execute. I wish my dad (Veeru Devgn) was around to see the film. He probably would have given me a pat on the back because he spent his lifetime innovating film action. He was in a league by himself.  But, he would have understood where I'm coming from. I must add-somewhere what my father did has stayed with me.''

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