Shivan Studio launched its first film Rosh

March 22, 2023

Shivan Studio has launched its first film Rosh at a grand party organized in Mumbai and introduced its first Shivan Music talent, Pranav Singhal, to the media. The star cast of the film Rosh including Mimmoh Chakraborty, Nikita Soni, Ruchi Tiwari, music composer Monty Sharma, young singer Pranav Singhal, producer Sachin Garg, director Jayveer Panghaal were present on the occasion, along with other prominent guests including actors Hiten Tejwani, comedian Sunil Pal, and many other celebrities.

With the increasing popularity of OTT in Bollywood, suspense and thriller films have become the favourite cinema of the audience. Director Jayveer Panghaal's film "Rosh" is also a dark and suspenseful story-based film that will thrill the audience with its thriller plot. The biggest news related to the Hindi film "Rosh" starring Mimmoh Chakraborty, Yashraj, Nikita Soni, and Alina Ray is that the film will now be released directly on OTT. The film will be released on a platform at the end of April.

The story of the film "Rosh" starts with an accident that happens while three friends are returning from a party. After this accident, there is a suspicious entry of delivery boy Ganesh between the three friends. Instead of getting untangled, the story becomes more complicated, and the line between good and evil, right, and wrong, and hero and villain becomes blurred. 

The film features Mimmoh Chakraborty along with Nikita Soni, Alina Rai, and new face Yashraj. Vrajesh Hirjee, Ruchi Tiwari, Alu Ashish Soni, and Govind Pandey will also appear in other significant roles in the film.

"In the film, Prakriti Kakkad and Sukriti Kakkad have sung songs along with upcoming singer Pranav Singhal, and the music is by Monty Sharma. The film 'Rosh' has been directed by writer-director Jayveer Panghaal under the banners of Mets Entertainment and Shivan Studios, and producers Amrit Lal Soni, Sachin Garg, and Jayveer Panghaal. Producer Sachin Garg quoted that This film is a modern film. The story and thriller will keep the audience hooked until the end. Actor Mimmoh Chakraborty is making his digital debut with this film.

Writer-director Jayveer Panghaal believes that it is very difficult to determine who the criminal and hero are in this film 'Rosh.' Until the end of the film, the audience can only speculate, but the twists and turns in the film's story will keep them thrilled every time. With the release of the film on OTT, we will reach as many viewers as possible.

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