Celebrity Management

BOLLYWOOD and celebrities is a hot favorite topic for the common man especially knowing more about their life and seeing their favorite actors on the silver screen again and again. But who really gives the actors these opportunities , makes them a celebrity , lifts them to where they are is pretty interesting. Well this is celebrity management.

Celebrity management is all about creating business opportunities for the talent especially for the emerging actors. Public relations firm puts together reputation management, event management and talent management, all rolled in one. To package a new talent and present it to the audience is a talent by itself. A lot of research and details go into it. Actor needs to be kept in the limelight and for that they need to have an eagle eye to catch every opportunity that passes by. Even star kids need somebody to match up with the fast changing entertainment industry and also watch his back.

Celebrity management earlier were by different studious. We had Mehboob studio, Filmalaya studio, RK studio....so on and so forth who would manage dates and requirements of actors . The actors would be signed by these studious and would be given opportunities as they came by. Actors would struggle for days, months , years outside these studious hoping to get a chance to display their talent. Once they were spotted then the same studio would also sign them up for ex number of years to get movie opportunities. Soon more and more people wanted to become actors and have a taste of glamour. As the competition steeped up the actors started having individuals to pitch for opportunities with producers and directors and also get them to the limelight. Soon the availability of an actor became very much depend on the so called secretary .Whether to meet a producer, whether to be a part of a story session or what price the actor should demand was largely dependent on these individuals. The secretaries almost enjoyed a celebrity status within the industry.

Today star management has become more professional. Companies have started managing . There is loads of quantitative data and case studies. Celebrity management firms have their finger in the entire ecosystem of the film business. They not only just sign an actor and get them some brand endorsements but they also work on helping them monetize every aspect of their personality and build them as brands. They help the actor develop a multi-faceted personality which will insulate him or her from failures.

At one time, secretaries were the only people to connect with if one had to get a star to sign a movie or a show. However today, right from the launch of an actor to the building up of an image and maintaining the brand equity, strategy rules everything are done by companies. Top celebrity management firms are handling careers of at least half a dozen leading stars. There's been considerable evolution in terms of the level of interest in the viewer's minds. The managing agency today has a battery of people to look into diverse aspects of the star client.

The competition is becoming very tough for a business manager to handle things single-handedly, as most of the top stars are competing for the same projects. Also if you need someone to go to a brand to sign a star, you won't go to a business manager for that. The companies play a role in bridging the gap. The company integrates brands and celebrities to strengthen the product by way of association with the celebrity. For the actors these companies are trusted advisors.

Managing a celebrity career is not just a couple of years plan, but for a longer term, at least 10 years. Patience, good organisational skills, and a strong work ethic are the basics needed to survive in the profession.

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