July 21, 2023

Film: Bawaal

Starring: Varun Dhawan, Janhvi Kapoor, Manoj Pahwa, Anjuman Saxena, Pradeep Pachori

Genre: Drama

Director: Nitesh Tiwari


By Yogesh Mishra

Director Nitesh Tiwari's Bawaal is one of those films that has everything nice except a good storyline. Despite the fact that it is known that "Content is king," it seems that Bollywood is still not making real attempts at innovating with the content.

The story revolves around Ajay, aka Ajju Bhaiya (Varun Dhawan), who belongs to a middle-class family and is just a teacher but has created his own stardom in the city with his fake activities and show-shine. He strongly believes that people should not remember the result but the atmosphere of the events or happenings in their lives. He gets married to Nisha Dixit (Janhvi Kapoor), who has suffered from fits since childhood. Despite knowing about Nisha, situations arise in such a way that he agrees to marry her, but somewhere he cannot accept her from the heart. One day in his school, he slaps an MLA’s child and gets suspended. Does he get his job back? Does he accept his wife from the heart? What happens to his fake image that he has created for many years? To know the answers to all these questions, one must watch the full movie.

Actor Varun Dhawan’s acting is not that appealing, and he has just tried his level best to fit in with that character. On the other side, Janhvi Kapoor looked pretty in the film, and her innocent onscreen look was quite impressive and fully justified her role. Apart from them, other actors like Manoj Pahwa, Anjuman Saxena, Pradeep Pachori, etc. have justified their parts in the film.

Although music does not play an important role in this movie, the melodious music of Mithoon, Tanishq Bagchi, Akashdeep Sengupta, and the background score by Daniel B. George are quite impressive.

Despite having a good cast and locations, the poor storyline actually ruined everything in the film. The story runs smoothly without many twists and turns, and not even a single time could it hold the attention of the audience. Even the screenplay and dialogue are not up to par.

Overall, this falls short of audience expectations, hence it cannot be suggested that you watch. From one of the best filmmakers like Nitesh Tiwari, this was genuinely unanticipated. However, it can be advised for the lovers of Varun and Janhvi to watch it once as it is available on OTT.

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