VASH- Possessed by the Obsessed

July 21, 2023

Film: VASH- Possessed by the Obsessed

Starring: Ganga Mamgai, Vivek Jaitly, Rituraj Singh, Kaveri Priya, Preeti Kochar, Vishal Sudarshanwar

Genre: Horror

Director: Jagmeet Singh Samundri


By Yogesh Mishra

Writer-director Jagmeet Singh Samundri’s “VASH- Possessed by the Obsessed” is one of the finest horror movies of the year.

The story revolves around Rakshit (Vivek Jaitly) and Aanchal (Ganga Mamgai) who had everything necessary to make their romance appear ideal. Aanchal seems to be the object of a third person's fervent desire to include her in his universe. He was who? What did he intend to do? Rakshit may be able to combat the adversary if he can see him. But his adversary was a mysterious, horrible force that neither lived nor died. Aanchal experiences horrifying events that seem to have sprung straight out of a book she was reading. What caused this incident, which cannot be resolved? Will Rakshit and Aanchal's genuine love triumph or will it be shattered by the evil plans of the unknowable? Will he seek out conventional treatments that have failed? To know the answers of all these questions, one must watch the full movie.

Actress Ganga Mamgai is the centre of attraction in the film. She has justified her role in the film, and actor Vivek Jaitly has also tried his level best to fit in with the character. Actress Kaveri Priya, in the role of a TV journalist, has impressed the audience with her nice appeal. Apart from them, other actors like Rituraj Singh, Preeti Kochar, Vishal Sudarshanwar, etc. have also done justice to their parts.

The beautiful locations of Himanchal are the true attraction of the film. The aerial view of mountains and forests are the quite appealing to the eyes. The cinematography of Manoj Shaw is highly appreciable.

Although music doesn’t play a major role in the film, the lyrics by Ajay Garg and the music by Mukhtar Sahota are quite impressive. Singers like Palak Muchhal, Pawani Pandey, etc. have enhanced the beauty of the songs.

Overall, this is a nice attempt by the director, Jagmeet Singh Samundri. This film has almost everything that is expected from a common horror Hindi movie. So, it can be recommended to watch it in a cinema hall, especially for horror movie lovers.

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