March 22, 2023

Film: Leech

Starring: Sanam Zeeya, Abhik Benazir, Alka Amin, Atul Srivastava, Mir Sarwar, Vishal Singh, Ved Prakash, Sanju Dhirhe.

Genre: Psycho-Thriller

Director: Anil Ramchandra Sharma and Pavitra Das


By Yogesh Mishra

Leech, directed by Anil Ramchandra Sharma and Pavitra Das, is full of western stunts and effects. Directors have done their best to show a different side of Indian cinema in this genre. 

The story begins in a picturesque location and revolves around a writer named Fredrick (Abhik Benazir) and an actress named Sadia (Sanam Zeeya). The author has stopped feeling anything and is therefore unable to write stories. He starts creating stories to maintain his livelihood and satisfy his needs so that he can feel something. An actress, a child, and a caretaker play key roles in his creation, and this layer-by-layer unfolding story is unique in its own right. Due to the mysterious murders of a few important people in their lives, a constant struggle starts to find the murderer. To know what happens at the end, one must watch the film.

Lead pair Abhik Benazir and Sanam Zeeya have impressed the audience with their good performances, and to a larger extent, they have done justice to their parts. Apart from them, although other artists like Mir Sarwar, Atul Srivastava, and Alka Amin have small roles, they still impress the audience with their outstanding performances and add value to the film.

Although music does not play any major role in this psycho-thriller movie, still the music of Bapi Bhattacharya is quite impressive and enhances the beauty of the film.

The first half is quite engaging and keeps you hooked, but the second half is a little dull, but somewhere towards the climax it again engages the mind.

Overall, with few ifs and buts, this is one of the finest psycho-thriller movies. It's good to experience something new in this genre. So, why wait? Watch it at least once exclusively on Mask TV.

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