September 23, 2022

Film: Gaalib

Starring: Dipika Chikhlia, Nikhil Pitaley, Anil Rastogi, Mir Sarwar, Ajay Arya, Anamika Shukla, Imran Hasnee

Genre: Drama

Director: Manoj Giri


By Yogesh Mishra

Gaalib, directed by Manoj Giri, is one of the most awaited movie that talks about the ground reality of Kashmir.

The story revolves around Gaalib (Nikhil Pitaley), the son of Nazir Ahmed (Mir Sarwar) and Shabana (Dipika Chikhlia). Nazir was found guilty in a terrorist attack, so, as a result, the court issued a death penalty verdict. Thus, Gaalib lost his father during his childhood only. Nazir obtained a promise from his wife Shabana to educate his son to become a doctor. Does Shabana fulfil the promises she made to her husband? Does Gaalib fulfil his mission peacefully despite being the son of a renowned terrorist? To know the answers to all these questions, one must watch this film.

Ramayan fame Dipika Chikhlia is the centre of attraction in the film. She has impressed the audience with her mind-blowing performance. Her pretty look and outstanding performance are so nice and natural that the audience can wait for her turn to come on screen. The actor, Anil Rastogi, is another attraction of the film. Apart from them, other artists like Nikhil Pitaley, Mir Sarwar, Ajay Arya, Anamika Shukla, Imran Hasnee, etc., have also justified their parts in the film.

Dhiraj Mishra’s story and screenplay are quite impressive, but somewhere it loses the grip in between. Director Manoj Giri has done justice to his part, but it seems that he could have done much better. On the other hand, brilliant actress Dipika Chikhlia’s talents are under-utilised. She could have done much better if the script had allowed her.

Although music does not play any major role in this film, it is still quite impressive.

Overall, this is one of the finest movies that touches the hearts of the audience. A bond between a mother and son is shown so beautifully that a common man can connect with himself/herself in real life. Although the film does not have much of the commercial angle that can draw the audience to the cinema hall, still, the kind of social message given through this film is highly appreciable, so it can be recommended to watch at least once.

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