August 04, 2022

Film: Haryana

Starring: Yash Tonk, Ashlesha Savant, Monica Sharma, Akarshan Singh, Robbie Marih

Genre: Rom-Com

Director: Sandeep Baswana


By Yogesh Mishra

Many films are named after cities, but this time actor-turned-director Sandeep Baswana has made a film named after a state. With this, famous TV actress Ashlesha Savant is making her Bollywood debut and actor Yash Tonk is coming back to the big screen once again.

Haryana is all about three brothers who belong to a small village in Haryana. Except for their bad luck in love, all of the brothers have nothing in common. The elder brother, Mahinder (Yash Tonk), is the guardian of the family. He goes to meet his prospective wife, Bimla (Ashlesha Savant), but things do not go well. Another middle brother, Jaibeer (Robbie Mairh), is in a hostel and loves a college girl, Vasudha (Monica Sharma), but is not able to share his feelings with her. The eldest brother, Jugnu (Akarshan Singh), is fond of watching Bollywood movies, and he falls in love with actress Alia Bhatt. He compels his elder brother to go to Mumbai to fix his marriage with Alia Bhatt. Mahinder understood the situation, but he was bound to listen to him. Looking at the situation, he gives a suggestion to Jugnu to go to Mumbai and meet Alia Bhatt. If everything goes well, then he will go and talk to her family about marriage. Jugnu likes the idea and goes to Mumbai with his 3 friends. Did he really meet Alia Bhatt? Does everything happen as Jugnu desires? To know the answers to all these questions, one must watch the film.

Actor Yash Tonk is the centre of attraction in the film. His performance is simply the best. On the other hand, actress Ashlesha Savant's role is small but quite impressive. Her innocent look impresses the audience. Other actors like Monica Sharma, Akarshan Singh, Robbie Marih, etc., have also justified their roles in the film.

Mohit Pathak’s music is another attraction of the film. The Haryanvi traditional songs actually enhance the beauty of the film. Songs like Tau Tau, atc., are quite impressive and entertaining.

Overall, this is a simply nice movie by debutant director Sandeep Baswana, who lived up to the expectations of the audience. In a true sense, he has justified the title of the film by showcasing the Haryanvi people's way of life in a nice manner. It is an exceptional and honest effort by director Baswana that cinema lovers should watch at least once. So, why wait? Go and watch it in your nearest cinema hall.

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