June 17, 2022

Film: Nikamma

Starring: Abhimanyu Dassani, Shirley Setia, Shilpa Shetty, Abhimanyu Singh, Vikram Gokhle

Genre: Action-Comedy

Director: Sabbir Khan


By Yogesh Mishra

Nikamma is one of the finest action comedies by director Sabbir Khan. Versatile actress Bhagyashree's son Abhimanyu Dassani is the lead actor of the film. Shilpa Shetty, on the other hand, strongly holds the attention of the audience in the film.

The story belongs to a small-town boy, Aditya, aka Adi (Abhimanyu Dassani), whose image in the family is like a useless family member. Adi's brother and a few other members, including his bhabhi Avni Singh (Shilpa Shetty), tried their level best to change his habits, but things didn't work. Avni gets transferred from the city, so his brother decides to send Adi along with Avni as a caretaker of the home. One day, Adi meets an ultra-modern girl, Natasha, aka Nikki (Shirley Setia), there and falls in love with her. He follows her and gradually starts getting favours from her. An actual twist comes in Avni and Adi's lives there when Avni starts getting threats from a local goon of the town, Vikramjit Bisht (Abhimanyu Singh). The climax is the real crux of the story. So, one must watch the film to know what happens at the end.

Actress Shilpa Shetty is the real attraction of the film. She has impressed the audience with her powerful performances. Lead actor Abhimanyu Dassani has tried his level best to impress the audience with his honest efforts and action scenes, but somewhere something is missing in his dialogue delivery. Most probably, the maturity in his physical appearance is missing, but to a greater extent, that's ignorable. On the other hand, Shirley Setia's performance is quite okay. Abhimanyu Singh in the role of a villain has justified his performance, but still it seems that his talents are underutilised in this film. Apart from these main actors, other artists like Samir Soni, Vikram Gokhle, and Sudesh Lehri, etc., have also justified their parts in the film.

The title song of the film, "Nikamma kiya iss dil ne", is the real attraction of the movie. Although this is a recreation of an old hit song, once again it has won the hearts of the audience.

Overall, this is an average movie, but watch it for actress Shilpa Shetty. This is a nice attempt by the director, Sabbir Khan, so it can be recommended to watch at least once.

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