Urvashi Rautela follows these 5 rituals as the traditions during Ganesh Chaturthi

September 01, 2022

The entire globe is eagerly anticipating the arrival of Ganesh Chaturthi, their favorite holiday. India is a diverse nation, so each festival is observed differently depending on where it is observed. Urvashi Rautela, the youngest self-made actress in Bollywood, celebrates her favorite festival in this manner at her home.

The actress, who uses social media extensively, has about 54 million followers, making her the most popular celebrity. Here is what the actress had to say about celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi. The actress loves to discuss and update her followers on her day-to-day life.

"There are four primary rituals which we conduct at our place and have been taught to us by my parents during this festival when Bappa comes to our place," the actress says of how the holiday is observed at her home. "They are Pranapratishtha, Shhodashopachara, Uttarpuja, and Ganpati Visarjan."

To further the situation, Urvashi joyfully said, "At my house, the anticipation of Ganesh Chaturthi begins weeks before the holiday really starts. This enthusiasm includes choosing the murti, planning the decorations and food, and organising the event. We make sure there is always a unifying theme. We do the rituals once the Bappa arrives at our home, and I always make sure to do so in front of my family and other close relatives."

The first is known as Pranapratishtha, and it involves a priest chanting a mantra to bring life to the god and welcome Bappa. The second one is called Shhodashopachara, and it involves drumbeats-inspired dancing and performance art. Mantra chanting and offering Ganesh Ji Bhog are two techniques to make 16 various kinds of prayers. The dishes that I and my mother prepare especially for our Bappa include Modak, his favourite, as well as a variety of other sweet and deftly prepared Uttarakhand sweet foods. The final ceremony we do is Uttar Puja, in which we send Bappa farewell while crying and chanting, "Ganapati Bappa Morya, Pudchya Varshi Laukar ya," and also constantly pleading for him to return sooner rather than later.

We all wish that everyone enjoys a happy, prosperous, and healthy Ganesh Chaturthi.

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