I dont take myself so seriously: Kay Kay Menon

September 01, 2023 Yogesh Mishra

Indians are always known as emotional people, and when it comes to emotion, our Indian film industry always works on emotions. Recently, we have seen megahit movies like OMG 2 and Gadar 2, which have a father-son relationship. Director Sudhanshu Sharma's movie Love-All also showcases the emotional bonding between father and son. Actor Kay Kay Menon plays the lead role in the film. In an exclusive interview with Yogesh Mishra, Menon spoke about his latest movie Love-All, his favourite genre, parameters to select a movie, and more.

As per the trailer, I think the emotion between a father and son is more prominently shown in the film than sports. What exactly is there in the film?

It is an overall thing. We have a story, and we have the sport. So badminton is the centre stage around which the entire story is weaved. So it is about a father and son, about a middle-class family. It is about a town like Bhopal. So we have the entire mixture of it that makes it as believable as possible. 

Hardly have we seen you in a comic role. In real life, too, you seem to be a serious person. What is your comment on this?

The thing is that, see, I don't think anybody can claim that he or she knows himself or herself completely. It is not possible. Then you do not need to live anymore. That is a spiritual journey, which I won't get into. But all I am saying is that as far as I am like any other human being, with all the faults and all the whatever, it is like a normal human being. So for me, when I approach a particular person that I am playing, I try to surrender myself to that particular person's character. So that is all I do.

I think the comedy genre is less explored as per your filmography. What do you say about this?

While doing that, I'm serious about my work, but I don't take myself so seriously. Never. For me, it is not about genre; it is not about just comedy or something; it is about presenting the human being in that fashion. So I do that.

Which is your favourite genre?

All of them. I have too wide a spectrum; I have no favorites. So all I have is a wide spectrum of things that I enjoy. Lot of it in all genres. I think I am not so narrow-minded that I can only fix myself on one.

What is the most important and key factor when you say yes to any script?

There are no 1, 2, 3 items that happen to that. I am not buying a flat. So for me or a vehicle, you know, it is my horsepower. For me, it is an intangible connection with that particular script, the director, and the way things have been conceived. It is an intangible kind of relationship, and the moment that happens, you know that this is something I need to do. 

What is more important, your own character or the overall script?

Overall script. What will I do with just my own character? So the overall script is what I am most interested in. Own character. Of course I would not accept a small part, but a large amount of responsibility should be on my shoulders as an actor, and that is it. If the entire script in the screenplay does not attract you, then whatever your character does does not make any sense. So for me, it is a combination of many things.

So did you know much about badminton as a game before you signed this film?

Yes. I have always been a sports lover. I play sports even today.

What exactly inspired you to say yes to this film?

There are reasons for it. First and foremost, authentic badminton must be played by people, which made me see that this can be the only authentic badminton film made till now, both worldwide and in India. The second reason is that the story itself was very appealing, and the way he (the director) explained it to me made me feel that it would be something that touched your heart and at the same time grounded the entire story.

Mostly it is seen that films are either made in one language or maximum 3 to 4 languages but this film is made in 9 different Indian languages. So, what exactly is the purpose of that?

There was a particular demand I think.

So what's your plan on 1st of September on release date?

I will dedicate this film to the audience that day.  

Any message for the readers of "Bollywood Town" magazine?

It is a content-driven film. Badminton is very authentic; there are no special effects in it. Actual players are playing in this. There are several messages in this film. Parents can learn something, and children can learn something. This is the film for the entire family. So, I would request that parents take the kids to watch this movie. You will enjoy watching this film.

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