You have to be very spiritual to understand the dark side of the story: Vikram Bhatt

July 20, 2022 Yogesh Mishra

Director Vikram Bhatt is known for many hit films like Raaz, Ghulam, Aap Mujhe Achhe Lagne Lage, 1920, etc. Most of his movies belong to the horror genre, and this time, once again, he is back with a horror with a difference. In an exclusive interview with Yogesh Mishra, he spoke about his personal belief in spirits and supernatural powers, his association with K Sera Sera Productions, his latest film Judaa Hoke Bhi, future plans and more... 

You're known for your horror films, and this time you're back with another one, Judaa Hoke Bhi. What is special this time?

You must have heard the song that we are playing now. This was written by my boss, Mr. Mahesh Bhatt. Talking about horror movies, you have seen love stories in horror, but this time there is horror in love stories. That’s why the title of the film is Judaa Hoke Bhi. Firstly, this is a love story, then it is a horror.

Bollywood has hardly explored the horror genre. In comparison to Hollywood, we are far behind. Why so?

I think horror films are not really made much. I think I am the only person who has made as many films about horror. I don’t know why others are not exploring this genre. I don't think many A-listers would love to play such characters because I think they're scary and some of them are scared that they won't look good if they take a daayan’s getup. I don’t know, but perhaps that could be the reason.

Have you done any personal research on spirits or supernatural powers?

I'm a spiritual person, and when you are spiritual, you believe in the spirit, you believe in the soul. When you believe in the soul, you believe in the good soul and the bad soul. A spirit is nothing but a bad soul. So, people don't understand that I'm actually a very spiritual person, and you have to be very spiritual to understand the dark side of the story.

So, when industry people are going to see your spirituality or that section of your life?

People will come to know through this film (Judaa Hoke Bhi). This is my best film.

We are missing A-Listers in your films, even in your current one too. Is it part of your strategy or anything else?

I am not going to run after A-listers. When I have an idea, I want to make it. I can’t wait, especially for A-listers.

Have you personally felt the power of a spirit, ghost, etc.?

You must have also experienced it, I’m sure. I can’t really say, but I have come to a phase where I can figure out whether a person has experienced that or not. I can say you have experienced it but you don’t believe it. If you believe in the light, you believe in the dark. If you believe in the day, you will have to believe in the night. If you believe in God, you will believe in evil. That’s how the universe is in balance.

How did your association take place with K Sera Sera Productions?

K Sera Sera actually came to me for a single project. And then we started talking about many other projects. So now we have a company in place with experts, and soon we will announce many films.

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