Nowadays, the meaning of comedy is changed: Krushna Abhishek

March 01, 2020 Yogesh Mishra

Krushna Abhishek is known for his comic roles in the films and TV. He has worked with many hit Hindi movies like Bol Bachchan, Entertainment and Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3 etc. Currently his character is very popular in ‘The Kapil Sharma Show.’ In an exclusive interview with Yogesh Mishra, he spoke about his character in latest released Hindi movie ‘O Pushpa I Hate Tears’, his own definition of comedy, Govinda’s input in his career, Nalasopara connect in The Kapil Sharma Show and more…   

What character are you playing in ‘O Pushpa I Hate Tears’?

It’s a comic thriller. My excitement was more because there is a thriller element in comedy in this film and movie is released after a long time. I am playing a negative character in this film. There is a film inside this film. I am hired to murder a girl. Her husband gives me money to kill her and he goes out but when he comes back, he sees that things are changed. Now the ‘living Pushpa is more beneficial for him than dead Pushpa’. My character has lots of shades. I have good dialogues and dance scenes in this film. My character name is Shyam so, whenever I appear on screen, I used to say repetitively that Dholak aur tabla toh koi bhi bajaa sakta hai lekin bansuri tab khush hoti hai jab usse Shyam bajata hai. It’s a different kind of character. 

The title of the movie is very unique. This is a popular dialogue of Rajesh Khanna ji. How it all happened?

After the narration of the story director Dinkar ji suggested me this title (Pushpa I Hate tears). I was excited to know this title so much that I suggested my director and producer to go and take the registration of this title immediately. Title should be catchy and everybody know that this is a very famous dialogue of Rajesh Khanna ji. I knew that, if we will get this title then we can create a title track on this. Luckily, I sang this title song. We dedicated this song to Rajesh Khanna ji. You might have seen that I have used the style of Kaka (Rajesh Khanna) in this song. I am happy with the title. 

What kind of comedy inputs you have given in ‘O Pushpa I Hate Tears’?

When the situations were given to me, then lines were already written but the important was how to deliver it. I used to improvise it from my end. Dinkar ji (director) had given me enough freedom to act the way I wanted. People on set are like your regular audience so, when I performed, people used to laugh and Dinkar ji used to take those as a final take. 

How much is the comedy angle in this film?

Its not a major comedy but my character is very much entertaining. I used to lie and create fake stories and you will come to know the fact in the climax why he (my character) was doing so. I created comedy as much as possible within the limit of my character in the film. 

Any expectations from this film (O Pushpa I Hate tears)?

This is more of a single theatre film. This is like the movies of 90s where audience used to cheer in cinema hall. Yeh stall walon ki film hai. I don’t have any major expectation from this film but since there are lots of hard work and money is involved in making this film so I appeal people to come and watch this film. 

You are mainly known for your comic roles in the industry. Are you trying to explore some other genre also?

There is a trend of not to invent something new in the film industry. When things are going well, then we should not change the track. People like me is in comedy since long time. I have done many hit comedy movies like Bol Bachchan, Entertainment, Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3 etc. Recently I did a web series with Ekta Kapoor, even that was a comedy genre. Even, I have produced one comedy movie ‘Marne Bhi Do Yaaron’. So, I thought of not changing the track, but I want to do a serious horror movie. I like horror movies. I watch a horror movie every day before I sleep (laughs). I want to do a film like Vicky Kaushal’s Bhoot. 

What is ‘comedy’ according to you?

Comedy I believe is a ‘instant reaction’. Although things are scripted but actor’s own input is more important. How do you react on others naturally is more important. Nowadays, the meaning of comedy is changed. For the comedy, I am big fan of Mehmood saab and Kishor Kumar ji. But today’s comedy is more a one liner comedy than a situational comedy. People don’t have time today. One liner comedy and a fast script is in the demand of today’s scenario. Its not time of situational comedy. People want new variations. 

What are the contributions of a director and an actor to create a good comedy?

To create a good comedy, director should also be humorous. Rohit Shetty is humorous. I have worked with David Dhawan ji also. He is humorous in personal life as well. 

What is your family reaction on your female character in The Kapil Sharma Show?

I have two small kids. When I do funny acting in female costume, my son recognize me. Once, Salman bhai (Salman Khan) asked me to take my kids on set so I took them there. I wanted to know whether my kids will recognize me or not in female costume. So, when I came out of vanity van in female costume, my kids recognized me. I think, I was female in my last birth who might have died in the early age so I think, I am fulfilling those pending things now (laughs). I play female character but that is acceptable because that is very sweet character. I never used vulgar dialogues. I kept this character very sweet. I am not famous for this female character. I am still Krushna, because in TV industry I have created my image as a Krushna only. So, when I come on stage in female costume, people know that I am Krushna only. 

What is ‘Nalasopara’ connect in this show (The Kapil Sharma Show). You use the word ‘Nalasopara’ frequently in this show?

I love the word ‘Nalasopara’. Although I am not from there but my mama ji is from Virar (near Nalasopara). Earlier I made ‘Saki Naka’ popular. My famous dialogue was ‘teri maa ka Saki Naka’. Actually, I am making world famous of the places of Mumbai. When I was in Chicago, someone asked me, what is Nalasopara?. I told them that this is a place in Mumbai. I think, I should contest election from Nalasopara (laughs). 

Who is better in female character between you and Govinda?

I can’t compare myself with him. He is quite different and much better. He has played female character in many films. He has played those roles with full dignity. Mama’s (Govinda) timing is unique. I don’t think, there is anyone in the industry like him. People appreciate him very much. People appreciate me also in female character so I am happy for that. 

Any input of Govinda ji that you still follow in your professional life?

He guided me a lot in the beginning. He suggested me to maintain the dignity of the character I am playing, especially when playing a female character because, women will see you. So, they should not be offended by you. I learned a lot in dance. He taught me how different can we be as a dancer while dancing in group.

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