I always wanted to do something different in my life: Anjana Tiwari

September 27, 2018 Yogesh Mishra

Actress Anjana Tiwari has recently worked in couple of Hindi movies and TV Series. She belongs to a middle class family. Despite of not having any God father in Bollywood, she created her own space in film industry. She realised first to try her luck in acting after watching Sridevi’s ‘Sadma’. In an exclusive interview with Yogesh Mishra, she spoke about her childhood days, first break in Bollywood, favourite actor and more…

Describe yourself in one line? 

A gentle, disciplined and simple lady who likes to live a simple life and always put work as top most priority.

How was your childhood days? 

I was born in a middle class family, my father used to serve as a  branch manager in SBI. I always wanted to do something different in my life, as a child I was fond of dramatics and while in my school days I used to play Krishna in school plays. And very much like everyone else back in those days my life was pretty simple.

When did you realise first that you should try your luck in acting?

After watching Sridevi in ‘Sadma’ I was mesmerized with her acting skills and since then always felt that I could do the same.

How did you get your first break in TV / Film?

In 2014 my son was working in a regional movie as an Assistant director and casting for the same was in process and I cleared the auditions for the role of protagonists mother.

Who is your favourite Bollywood actor and why?

Akshay Kumar is my favorite actor because he is very disciplined, punctual and versatile. I also find him to be very down to earth.

How do you balance your personal and professional life at a time?

My family is very supportive, especially my husband.

What are your current and future projects?

I am shooting for a Hindi feature film at this moment. Couple of films have been offered and I am looking forward to them.

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