Jackie sir will always be in my movie plans: Karan Singh Rathore

August 01, 2023 Yogesh Mishra

Karan Singh Rathore is a film writer, director, and music composer who recently received much love and appreciation for his short film “Paath: The Lesson”; starring Jackie Shroff, Abhilash Thapliyal, Sara Arjun, Rajkumar Kanojia and others. The film nicely showcases the issue of bride trafficking in some parts of India. In an exclusive interview with Yogesh Mishra, he spoke about the making of “Paath: The Lesson”, how actors like Jackie Shroff agreed to be part of this film, future plans, and more.

Your short film “Paath: The Lesson” is a small film but gives a big message. How did actor Jackie Shroff agree to work in this film?

I have been willing to work with Jackie sir for a long time, but when this role came-up; I felt he was the best fit for it. This role initially seems negative, but then suddenly everything changes. Ever since the beginning, I wanted to work with him, so I approached him for this role and narrated the story. Since the plot is related to a social cause like ‘beti bachao, beti padhao’ campaign, sir (Jackie Shroff) didn’t ask many questions and agreed to do this role.

As Jackie ji rightly said in a press conference, whenever you (director Karan Singh Rathore) make a film, he will be part of it. So, do you have any other movie plans for him (Jackie Shroff)?

I have a full script of the same film (the short film “Paath: The Lesson”), but since this was a short film, I could not include everything I wanted to. I have a detailed, researched report on the same story. The plot progresses to reveal the truth about bride trafficking, including how and where they are brought. By what names are they called? Etc. 

So you have planned a full-length feature film on this subject?

Yes, I have already written the story.

Is Jackie ji (Jackie Shroff), part of your upcoming movie?

Jackie sir will always be in my movie plans. I was just thinking, either people are cool or hot, but Jackie sir is cool, hot, and also warm (smiles). He is a hero on screen and off-screen as well, so who will not wish to work with him? It is purely on him now, because most of the time, due to our love, we approach any kind of role, and then it is on him to actually take a call on whether that role suits him or not.

Would you like to give a message to the readers of “Bollywood Town”?

This is the time when, by sitting here, you can reach out to the World. This time has never come before. If we do not reach out to the problems of any part of the universe and show them to society, I think we are wasting our capacity and this fantastic medium (film). I have made this short film (Paath: The Lesson) and have given it my best. We are getting a good response so far, and we expect more and more love from the audience in the days to come.

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