Music has always brought me a sense of peace and comfort: Pranav Singhal

May 22, 2023 BTNN

Pranav Singhal is an emerging singer who hails from Manglaur, Uttarakhand. He participated in many singing competitions and created a space in the film industry that paid off. He started his singing career with a single, "Khatta Meetha Ishq," followed by his debut film "Rosh", starring Mimoh Chakraborty and Yash Raj (YR). In an exclusive interview with Bollywood Town, he spoke about his initial struggles, first Bollywood assignment, future plans, and more...

As a singer, how has the journey been so far?

I was born and brought up in Manglaur, Uttarakhand. Being a kid, I always auditioned and went to music reality shows like Indian Idol and Voice India Kids. I came in the top 18 at voice kids in Shekhar Ravjiani sir’s team. I started my career by launching my first single, "Khatta Meetha Ishq," under Shivan Studio, and I debuted in the movie Rosh with two singles and one song alongside Sukriti and Prakriti Kakkar.

How did "Rosh" happen?

So Jayveer Panghal from Team Rosh heard me for the first time during a show a few years ago, and I’m very grateful they considered me and gave me this opportunity.

Do you think fresh talents are getting more opportunities in Bollywood?

I’m not sure if I have had enough experience or time in the industry to make a valid statement, but I assume people are considering and focusing on fresh talents more than ever before.

If you have talent, you do not need a godfather in the industry. Is it?

Definitely. The lack of links and connections in the industry does affect how one gets considered and treated in the industry, but my motto is that there is nothing that hard work in the right direction can’t achieve. And I consider myself very fortunate to have gotten such amazing opportunities at a young age that have helped me grow both professionally and personally as a singer.

Who is your inspiration, and why?

I started singing as soon as I started to talk. Credit goes to my parents, who have always been into singing and motivated me more to work in this direction. Music and singing have always brought me a sense of peace and comfort that I don’t think anything else could bring me, so definitely, I always wanted to be a playback singer.

How was your working experience with team "Rosh"?

Working for "Rosh" was an amazing experience, as it was the first film I worked as a playback singer for. It was a very fun and learning experience. I look forward to making more amazing films in the future.

Which music director are you more keen to work with?

Personally, I don’t want to associate with and bind myself to only one genre; I want to try and experience singing in every genre possible so that I can deliver something new to my audience every time and avoid repetition. And not just one, but I would love to work with Salim Sulaiman, Mr. Shekhar Ravjiani, Mr. AR Rahman, and Tanishk Bagchi.

Do you have a wish list of actors you want to work with?

Honestly, I haven’t really thought about it, but I would love to work with Hrithik, Shahrukh, and Salman.

What is your opinion on nepotism in the film industry?

I personally feel that having a solid base and family connections in the industry definitely helps one get opportunities and exposure initially, but at the end of the day, actual talent is what leaves a long-lasting impact on the industry and the fans.

Would you like to give any messages to the readers of Bollywood Town?

All I want to say is thank you so much for all the love y’all have given me to date. It’s just the beginning, and I hope I’m able to capture space in everyone’s heart. Hopefully, lots of fresh content is coming for you all soon. Meanwhile, go check out ROSH if you already haven’t and my Instagram, Pranav.vox

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