The Yuvraj of Qismat

March 24, 2023 BTNN

Yuvraj Siddharth, aka Yuvraj S Singh, has made a huge impact on Punjabi cinema. His first super hit "Qismat" changed the diaspora of Punjabi cinema, and as success follows success, he followed it up with nearly seven more hits and super hits, including the super hit Qismat 2, Surkhi Bindi, Moh, and Bajre Da Sitta, to name a few. 

How do you manage the whole life of acting, music, and production?

I’m lucky to do what I like. I create projects as well as act in other projects. The idea is to work with the best in the business. I have worked in movies and films with Prakash Jha and BR Films, and  has extensive theatre experience to back up my acting ability. My Hindi films such as Sugar Free, Charlie at Midnight, Dil Dosti, etc. have been big hits on OTT platforms as well.

Is it true that you are diversifying into music videos and audio recordings?

Yes, we are working on 3–4 music videos as well as a few live studio recordings alongside EDM music. It’s going to be very interesting.

You will be in a big video opposite Punjabi star singer Miel and popular Punjabi actress and music video star Aman Hundal. This appears to be a delectable combination?

Yes, we are excited for this music, which will begin in April, and the song is a continuation of a super hit track! 

What else is there in your hat? 

Well, I'm doing two Telugu films as the lead, as well as a few web series... some crime, some romance, some dark thrillers. It's a really exciting environment for an actor. 

Beiimaan Love with Sunny Leone is a huge hit on various platforms, and Yuvraj got massive critical acclaim for his performance. All we can say is that he's not your average Joe, and he knows how to get ahead. Keep up the good work.

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