I feel the responsibility because whatever I do, the family name gets attached: Sidhant Kapoor

March 21, 2023 BTNN

Mahendra Kapoor's grandson Sidhant Kapoor hits the right chords with his first solo music video, "Beparwah". In an exclusive interview, he spoke about his latest music video, the making of it, and most importantly, what matters to him as the grandson of legendary Bollywood singer Mahendra Kapoor ji: 

Can you tell us about the conceptualization of the music video Beparwah?

I was very inspired by the poetry of Ruskin Bond and the way he portrayed the carefree spirit of street children. Despite these street children not even having the basics of life, they still remain happy and carefree. Whereas the privileged children and even all of us always complain in life, pitying ourselves.  The street kids are living their life to the fullest and we need to learn from them. 

Instead of a Music label releasing your album, why have you have opted to produce and release Beparwah on you own?

All my previous works were for some music company or the director would give me his vision to compose the music, As an artist myself, I feel like expressing my own vision and that I am doing for the first time through Beparwah. And I would like to continue doing so as I find it very satisfying. I love to build up an audience who enjoys such music.

During the making of this video did it cross your mind that being Mahendra Kapoor's grandson there would be high expectations from all quarters?

Surely I felt the responsibility because whatever you do, the family name gets attached. At this point I can proudly state that my father Ruhan Kapoor gave me a free hand to explore my creativity. Since my daddy is also into music, I received full support from him.  

How is the word Beparwah interpreted or being depicted in your music video?

Beparwah basically means being carefree and not being attached to any materialistic happiness in one's life. The street kids never pity themselves and in fact are shown as having a different approach in their lives and that is the way we should try to learn. Though it is quite tough to actually be so.  

What have been the preps for your music video BEPARWAH?

The composition based on the inspiration that I derived from watching landscape photos of Ansel Adams, the father of landscape photography. I was fortunate to have a green signal from Ruskin Bond as I was immensely moved by his original poem 'Slum Children at Play'. I then wrote additional lyrics in Hindi and started painting the first few strokes of this composition. The music is from Sunshine Orchestra, that is a project by the AR Rahman Foundation where Rehman Sir has picked up a team of talented child artists from socio-economically challenged backgrounds and trained them in music so well that today these talented kids are now world class musicians.

Can you tell us a bit about the making of the video?

After working on it for a year we got Ravi Chandran Thevar the DOP on board and it's choreography is by Paul Marshal and the characters of slum kids at play are performed by performed by child dancers Tejas Verma, Gunjan Sinha and Somansh Dangwal. It is for the first time that Ruskin Bond is featured in a music video and I play myself who watches the glee and happiness of the street kids and get inspired seeing them.

What is the message that is conveyed through your music video?

Generally you see that all children are Beparwah (carefree). Not only street kids, even the children in middle class families or the upper class. The problem is with the grown ups in our families who shield them, become over protective and provide more to our children who then get into the habit of having more and more things in life. Particularly after seeing other richer children in their school or neighbourhood. Therefore the morale is to be happy and content with what one has got in life. Whether a grown up or a child.

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