My happiness is always amplified when I am feeding others: Paris Keswani

May 20, 2022 BTNN/PR

Paris Keswani is an actress, known for ’I am Not A Beggar’ (2018). She is also working for the education of underprivileged children and helping senior citizens. In an exclusive interview, she spoke about her social activities, future plans and more…   

When and how did you get the inspiration to become a social worker?

After experiencing innumerable instances of benevolence extended not just to my siblings but to total strangers by my parents, I evolved an innate conviction that permanently convinced me that sacrificing for others was the most noble way to celebrate the glory of living. As the old saying goes, my sense of charity indeed began at home and grew into a global village ready to sacrifice for all humanity.

On one hand you are working continuously for the education of underprivileged hildren, while on the other hand, you have the spirit of kindness and help for the Senior citizens, how much peace of heart is found in doing such human service?

It has always been my firm belief that our future was paved on the lanes of our past, as such, taking care of our senior citizens, the heroes and heroines who made helped forge my future certainly brings everlasting joy and peace of mind to my spirit. 

You feed 200 homeless children every week, how do you feel to do a little things for omeone's hunger?

As a highly spiritual woman I believe that each meal I partake in came as an incalculable blessing from the creator, which is why I make it a duty to remember that there are millions starving around the world and feel that my humility and appreciation should be expressed through feeding those unable to feed themselves. My happiness is always amplified when I am feeding others.

You also organize a book fair once a year, what is your thinking behind this?

My thinking and conviction for organizing the book fair is solidly aligned with my benevolent objective to help as much as I can to eradicate youth and adult illiteracy around the world. The joy derived from reading a book and appreciating the knowledge in its contents remains inexplicable and joyous.

You are also associated with Great Giving Global Academy. What are the facilities here in terms of educating children and what is the process of selection of children in this?

The Great Giving Global Academy is constructed based on an all-inclusive classical educational philosophy which creates an efficient mind and body unification without causing disharmony to the spirit of the pupils. Our facilities and Dormitories are constructed with the most modern tools available that reflects unparalleled environmental consciousness which inculcated into the milieu of the overall learning at the academy. We run an Open Application selection Process, and prioritize the most critical amongst the pool of children for quick integration. We admit to full capacity for each term on first come first to be served.

What services do you provide for UNICEF? Your contribution for environmental protection is also discussed, how are you motivated to do all these charitable works?

We work within civil society to realize the set goals and objectives of UNICEF. Our environmental consciousness is most visible for example, in the way we integrated into the construction of The Great Giving Global Academy sustainable and earth-friendly materials and principles. My motivation is derived from the irreducible visibility of poverty, war, displacement, constant migration of displaced elderly, women and children, it surrounds my vision and inspires me to help.

Do you think that the basic problems like hunger, poverty can be solved only by eradicating illiteracy?

We believe that the eradication of illiteracy is but one step on the lengthy staircase of solving the current modern plagues of hunger, poverty, infant mortality, lack of access to basic health case. While it may not completely eradicate it, it will certainly be a catalyst to its complete eradication. We encourage all peace-loving people to join us and develop the same benevolent convictions.

A difference regarding education system can also be clearly seen in the society and the world, how can the facilities of quality education be provided to the children who are deprived of quality education?

By integrating those facilities directly into the construction of The Great Giving Global Academy, in so doing, the deprived children will see, fee, touch, assimilate and master the joy of benevolence. I believe that the cultivation of an inner benevolent spirit is the greatest solution we need because it is the fire that sparks positive change and reconstruction in our global village called humanity.

You plant new trees in place of the withered trees, don't you think that everyone should have such a mindset?

Of course, I do believe we should cultivate a collective mind set geared towards the protection of our environment and preservation of its resources to keep it renewable and available for all.

People are calling you messiah, an angel, do you think social activist should publicize what they have done, and if yes why need to do so?

I am flattered by those words, but the fact is that I just a humble Mother who cares very deeply about children, elderly, animals, the environment and all humans. I believe that we should encourage social activists by supporting their efforts and projects as in this way we uplift their spirit to achieve more.

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