I am not going to label myself just as an actress: Avika Gor

July 01, 2021 Yogesh Mishra

Avika Gor is a renowned actress known for playing an iconic role of Anandi as a child artist in TV Series ‘Balika Vadhu’. She was also a contestant on ‘Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi 9’. She has worked in few South Indian movies and currently working on an international project too. In an exclusive interview with Yogesh Mishra, she spoke about her childhood days, working experience with hit TV Series ‘Balika Vadhu’, favourite Bollywood actor, future plans and more…

Tell us something about your basic family background and childhood days? 

No one from my family is in the field, Nobody knew how big it would get specially with Balika .. They were all happy and excited and I’m blessed to have a family who is equally excited for every movie that I’m a part of. I’m nothing without my family’s support & encouragement. In the beginning I was so naive, I didn’t even know the meaning of trp’s. I used to go to school and then for shoots, the practice of remembering dialogues actually helped me remember my lessons in school. So, yes the earlier days were pretty exciting.

You are known for your iconic role as a child artist in Balika Vadhu. What did you learn from the industry as a child artist?

Everyday I learned so much about film making! I fell in love with this and discovered my passion. I’m lucky that I have received so much so early in life.

Can you share any fond memory of ‘Balika Vadhu’ TV series?

I have so many! the experience in Balika… was like an acting school. Every actor that was a part of was either from NSD or with years of experience, I learnt so much everyday from not just the actors but even the makers. I feel blessed that I was a part of a masterpiece.

What are the 3 things you like most in yourself?

I think my biggest strength is Attention to detail. I immerse myself into whatever I'm doing at a given point. I make sure that I'm taking care of every little detail and that I'm learning throughout (language / film making techniques). My life has given me a lot, so the least I can do is be attentive.

Who is your favourite Bollywood actor and why?

I have a big list. I really like to watch people go out of their comfort zones and become the character, Kajol, Vidya Balan, Konkana, Alia, SRK, Ranbir, Ranveer, Deepika.. I’m obsessed with Bollywood actors!

What inspired you to choose acting as a career?

At first it was all just a hobby but slowly I realised cinema is what makes me feel the happiness and joy that nothing else can. And not just acting. Direction / camera editing producing.. all these excite me equally. Acting is just the beginning. I was dancing in a mall and a casting director spotted me and that’s it! The journey begin, I always wanted to be a choreographer, that’s how I entered the industry after being loved so much for my work on TV I started to focus on my craft as in the beginning it was all just a hobby as I was too young but soon after I realised the loved that I have for cinema, I would love to be in a part of the industry forever. So, my love for movies is what inspired me to be a part of the industry. I’m not going to label myself just as an actress. I know I can do more and I will. I’ve already stepping into production and I truly love every bit of it.

Currently you are working with an international project. Can you share some details about this film?

In the movie I play myself, and everybody is my –Avika Gor’s fans and it's a comedy and fun project. The producer Nurlan Koyanbayev called me up and requested me to be a part of the project. ESAT from Kurt Safir, which is the largest construction companies in Turkey has been a part of the movie. Besides the barrier language, I had great fun on the sets. The movie is all set to release soon. Kadir Dogulu who is the biggest star of Turkey is also a part of the project. It was great fun shooting for the film. I had a gallant time in Turkey. It's my first Kazakhstan movie. Everyone in the sets took so much care of me and they showed me around while we were shooting. The movie is highly anticipated. We are awaiting the release dates which should be out soon.

Your present will always be compared with your past (as a child artist). How do you tackle this situation?

Just the thought of breaking my image as Anandi was a tough call, but later I stopped thinking about it that way. I want to be the Anandi everyone loves and still keep doing different work, since the day I accepted that I don’t need to break any image is when I started to see that people started to realise that I’m very comfortable and proud of my work which later helped me see everything very positively. I love Anandi & more than that I love when people address me Anandi. That’s the attachment every actor works hard for, I’m glad that I’m the chosen one.

Due to corona pandemic everything was stuck. How do you utilise this lockdown period?

Dance, workouts, cooking, singing, reading, watching movies, playing games & most important spending time with family.

What are your upcoming projects?

Telugu projects: “Amaran” with Aadi Sai Kumar “Net” for zee5. Untitled project with Kalyaan Dev “#BRO” with Naveen Chandra. 2 projects under my production house. Few other projects - not announced yet. Kazakhstan project: “I go to school” with Nurlan Koyanbayev. Hindi: have shot for one with Pratik Gandhi & Manish Raisinghan- not about the release date yet. And a lot more! Just wait and watch.

Any message for the readers of Bollywood Town magazine?

Thank you for this opportunity by the team for making me able to share my life experiences with lovely readers. Thank you all for always supporting my work. Right now, we have something important to focus on. We're the world's largest democracy & our healthcare system is heavily burdened during the 2nd wave, but I believe in the power of the masses in our country. Everywhere there are people trying to help the others more than they can. So, I do feel sad for all the people suffering from the pandemic, but I also feel hopeful that together we shall overcome this one more time. And this time, we'll get rid of it for good. One big disadvantage of being the 2nd largest country (by population) is that even if 1% people goof up, it becomes a huge number to deal with (14 million). So, even though most people are trying to take care of as many precautions as possible, that small number (which every country has) is making the recovery hard for us. A lot of people understand the importance of things like mask & vaccination, but a few still don't. I do hope that everyone will soon understand that we can only fight this together. All hands in.

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