I think you dont need one particular day to express your love: Ishita Dutta

January 31, 2021 Yogesh Mishra

Ishita Dutta started her acting career with a Telugu film in 2012 but she got the real recognition from her Bollywood debut film ‘Drishyam’ where she was in a supporting role alongside actors Ajay Devgn, Tabu and Shriya Saran. After that she worked with Kapil Sharma in ‘Firangi’. In 2016 she worked with ‘Taarzan: The Wonder Car’ fame actor Vatsal Sheth in popular TV Series ‘Rishton Ka Saudagar-Baazigar’ and came in close touch with him. Finally, both got married in 2017. On the occasion of upcoming Valentine’s Day, they shared their thought about Valentine’s day, marital life, upcoming projects and more…

When and how did you come closer to each other?

We met each other on the sets of our show called Baazigar. We instantly connected and became friends. Once the show got over we would meet often, we would go out for dinner and coffee with common friends or sometimes just the two of us. We realized that we liked each other and soon after that we started dating.

Who proposed first for marriage?

Vatsal was the one who proposed marriage first. I was completely shocked and I had no idea as we had never discussed marriage till then. I was pleasantly surprised and well it took me some time to realize what he was saying. I said yes the same day and our parents met in a few days and within a few months, we got married.

What are the differences you feel in your life, before and after marriage?

I would say things have changed slightly, both of us lived with our parents so managing house related stuff was a little difficult and I remember the first year I was all over the place but now we both have managed things pretty well. Apart from that everything is the same.

One best quality you like in your spouse?

There are so many things that I love about him. He is extremely honest and very very supportive. He is always encouraging me to do things better. He is always there for me, makes me laugh, is caring and he gives me a lot of space. He respects and understands me. There is so much that I love about Vatsal, I can go on and on.

Can you share any memorable scene and shot that you performed together for TV series?

There are a lot of scenes I have enjoyed. Some of them are from Baazigar. Vatsal played a negative character and he would improvise and just enjoy his part so much. He put in so much when he plays any character, I really have learnt so much from him. There was another show where we were getting married to each other again and It just brought back a lot of memories from when we actually got married so I think that was pretty emotional for me.

What was your turning point in your professional life?

I think each project that I have done has added so much to my career. One of the projects that really made a difference would definitely be Drishyam. I started getting recognized as an actor after that film when people saw my performance. I am so grateful that I have been part of a film that people have seen so many times and still want to watch more. It was definitely a turning point in my life. 

How did you spend this lockdown period (2020)? Any memorable incident that you can share?

We definitely made the most of the lockdown. We spent so much time with family and with each other as normally when we are shooting we just don't get to see each other because of our crazy schedules. I got to know so much more about him. We have cooked together, cleaned together, we made funny videos and Infact he directed his first short film and music video. I also started painting again so yes we made full use of our lockdown.

Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest occasions this month (Feb.) celebrated by youngsters across the world. How do you celebrate this day?

Nothing in particular. We don't do something very different on valentine's day. We might just go for dinner or watch a movie. This year we don't know what we would be doing as maybe one of us is traveling. I think it's cute to do something special for the partner. 

What is special this Valentine’s Day?

There is nothing special this valentine's day. One of us is traveling. We both might not be in Mumbai. If we are there we would go for dinner to mine or his favorite place. 

It’s more than three years of your marriage. Can we expect any good news this year?

No good news. Not anytime soon. But definitely when it will happen, people will get to know but not anytime soon.

What are your upcoming projects?

There are quite a few projects lined up. I will be coming out with them soon. 

Any message for the youngsters on the occasion of valentine's day?

I think you don't need one particular day to express your love. Also I feel we are so busy in our lives that sometimes we just forget to express so all of you just take a minute and express your love to your close ones. My message to the youngsters is to enjoy and live your life, life is too short live it.

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