The Inspire Beyond Motherhood Awards stands as a testament to the potency of motherhood

August 07, 2023 BTNN

On August 5th, 2023, the Inspire Beyond Motherhood Awards Season 4 were held at Sahara Star in Mumbai, a resounding celebration of great women who have transcended conventional boundaries to achieve remarkable success in their various areas. Co-founded by Prerna Sinha, a renowned Fitness and Mom Influencer, and Nirupama Yeole, an accomplished Entrepreneur and Author, they were created with the goal of honouring and recognising moms who transcend the confines of parenthood, becoming great catalysts for inspiration.

This illustrious event brought together outstanding women across diverse categories, ranging from the dynamic realm of Mompreneurs and Corporate Stars to the tenacious Champions and insightful Bloggers of the year. Alongside the awards, the occasion fostered enlightenment through two thought-provoking panel discussions: "Breaking the Silence: Promoting Breast Cancer Awareness and Early Detection," where they touched upon breast cancer prevention screening and breast feeding and "The Power of Reinvention: Filling the 'Mom-Gap.'”, where the focus was on the challenges faced for working mothers and how to strike a balance.

A poignant highlight of the evening was the recognition of Chief Guest Amruta Fadnavis, a trailblazing Banker, Singer, and Social activist, alongside the versatile Chhavi Mittal, an exemplary multi-talented Indian personality. Notably, Chhavi Mittal, a valiant breast cancer survivor, courageously shared her journey, offering a beacon of hope and strength to countless women confronting similar challenges. 

“I teach my daughter to unapologetic to be powerful”, said Amruta Fadnavis.

This year's social initiative forged a partnership with Prashanti Cancer Care Mission, resolutely championing the cause of breast cancer awareness through an array of impactful activities.

The response to nominations from across India was nothing short of overwhelming. Each submission brought forth a remarkable narrative of resilience, detailing how these women triumphed over challenges and refused to succumb. Inspire Beyond Motherhood stands as the perfect canvas for these stories, a platform where their remarkable journeys find a voice, igniting a chain reaction of motivation and inspiration for countless others to chase their aspirations.

Esteemed jury members, including Geetika Mehta, MD Hershey India, accomplished Nutritionist Simrun Chopra, and celebrated Author/Writer Madhuri Banerjee, were entrusted with the responsibility of selecting the deserving winners. The event reverberated with emotions as recipients, several hailing from distant locales, expressed their profound appreciation for the accolades bestowed upon them.

The closing moments of the event were adorned with a heartfelt expression of gratitude and a collective photograph with the Inspire team, culminating in a delightful high tea.

The fourth season of the Inspire Beyond Motherhood Awards stands as a testament to the potency of motherhood and the exceptional achievements of women who lead by example, igniting a fire of aspiration that encourages others to strive for magnificence.

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