Indian taekwondo players shine in South Korea again

August 03, 2022 BTN/PR

Many Indian taekwondo players once again won medals in South Korea's 15th World Taekwondo Cultural Expo International Championship. This championship was held between July 21st and July 26th, 2022. Students from Mumbai’s Siddhkala Taekwondo Academy have scored 15 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze medals. Siddhkala Taekwondo Academy was founded and run by international coach and referee Master Jayesh Velhal. This academy has given many gold medalists so far, and the journey of success is still continuing. 

Tanishka Velhal of Universal High School has won 2 gold medals. Janki Devi Public School’s Aarav Chavan, Aarya Chavan and Avani Chavan won 2 gold medals each. Jamnabai Narsee School’s Jeevansh Chandokane has won 2 gold medals, and Riyan Patel has won 1 gold and 1 silver medal. Heritage Experiential Learning International School’s Nilesh Ahaluwalia won 1 Gold and 1 Bronze, Chandan Parida 1 Gold and 1 Bronze, Swapnil Shinde 1 Gold and 1 Silver, and Vikrant Desai 1 Gold and 1 Bronze.

International coach & referee Master Jayesh Velhal says- “I congratulate all my students for their extraordinary achievements. I am proud of them and wish them well for their continuous efforts to make India shine beyond its boundaries. My assistant coaches Nishant Shinde and Yash Dalvi are like a backbone for my academy.”

In a true sense, they are the pride of our country. The teachers and principals of their respective schools congratulated them and celebrated the moment.

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