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Celebrities hail decision to open theatres, but urge people to be careful!

October 15, 2020

Theatres are opening October 15 onwards, but with 50% occupancy. Actors talk about how the need of the hour is to be extremely careful while going for shows.

Vijayendra Kumeria- I am not very sure of going to a theatre. I would like to wait and watch how the cinema halls are following safety and precautionary measures. I think the theatres will have to follow a safety and precautions model like airlines like after every show there should be proper sanitisation. People should be provided with masks and face shields and they should be allowed to carry their own snacks as they might have hygiene concerns.

Dhruvee Haldankar- I feel the internet has really boomed with Netflix, Amazon, Zee 5  and Hotstar and we have a variety of entertainment sitting at home. It is safe to go to a public place like a theatre if there is proper sanitization. However, having said that, I am more of a home theatre person and love to watch movies and television programs at home.

Rishina Kandhari- According to me, it’s still not safe going in a closed environment with no vent and with air conditioners on. It’s a little scary to enjoy a film without knowing who’s sitting next to you and what’s their health status. I don’t think food should be allowed from home due to safety measures as the fresh food prepared at the theatre would be safer than 20 other people getting it from their homes. Disposable PPE kits should be made mandatory for everyone and they should be provided before entering the hall and discarded on coming out, just like 3D glasses. I would not like to go to the theatres until next year. 

Savi Thakur- If they are starting it with 50% occupancy, then it’s fine because you can maintain a proper distance from each other. We all know that cases are not coming down as there is no proper medicine, so we have to take care of ourselves. I think the government should release the orders to carry our own snacks and beverages for our safety. I will go whenever I get the time and if some good movie will be released then definitely I will go because watching a movie in a theatre is very different from watching at home. Most importantly, I want to request everybody to please wear masks and carry your own sanitizers so that you can stay safe and let others stay safe. 

Angad Hasija- Personally, if I think of my family, then definitely I won’t step out and go to theatres because I feel there is a risk as we are using the same seat. Anybody could have anything. So I don’t feel comfortable. It is better that you stay home and watch the film with your family.

Urvashi Upadhyay Sharle- This is a very good thing as the show must go on. Covid-19 has now become a reality and because of this, we can’t stop everything. But precaution is the most important point right now. Theatre and multiplex is a place which is crowded. We need to maintain social distancing and follow other guidelines. Government has also set a set of rules like there should be a gap of one seat between each people, the temperature needs to be checked, we should wear masks, and there must be an electronic sanitizer spray. We should avoid buying food or even eating in the theatre because for that we need uncover our face for a longer time. After every show and during the interval, the hall should be sanitised. Whoever is coming to watch a movie should complete provide all their details.  

Rohit Choudhary- We all are missing the big screen as an audience and as producers and actors we well. We want that the theatres should open so that our livelihood can be supported. Finally, the theatres are opening as all other businesses have already opened and are following the Covid-19 guidelines. 50% occupancy is a good thing as there will not be much crowd and I feel 50% people will also not go only 25 to 30% people will prefer to go to theatre. Covid cases are increasing and there are recovering cases as well. Obviously, it will not be life how it used to be before as the Covid scare is still on everyone’s minds. We need to maintain social distancing, have control over food so that there is some boundary and limitations. People should be allowed to carry dry snacks and stuff with them. As of now, I will avoid going to the theatre because I am busy with my work. 

Subuhii Joshii- I think the theatres have to be open and slowly everything will start operating because with have to live. I  love watching movies and whenever a new movie releases, I always prefer going to the theatre and watching it. But I don’t think I will go as soon as it starts because it is very scary. I don’t think I am mentally ready to go. Everyone will take precautions but it is said that symptoms show between 14 to 15 days so we don’t know what people is carrying. If they are opening the theatres, people should be allowed to carry their food. 

Delnaaz Irani- I think it is very important that every industry should flourish. Almost everything is opening and most of the things have already opened, so why not theatres? It is very important for the theatres to open because it is very important for the people who are working there also to earn money. They need to take precautions and the best thing that can be done is to sanitise everything. They should allow people to get their own food so that there is safety. The crowd will be limited and I will definitely go if I can. 

Saanand Verma- It’s a day to celebrate. We can again start watching movies in theatres and enjoy. Homemade snacks should be allowed. People can carry their food as it will be safe. There should be one seat gap between each person, people should wear masks and use sanitizers. If all the rules are followed, I don’t think there will be any problem. 

Bhavesh Kumar- I am glad that theatres are opening as it will be good especially for the industry and people who are working there. However, I feel the audience needs to be very careful. Make sure you wear a proper mask, carry your own sanitiser and sanitise everything before sitting. Also, food must be avoided as you have to put your mask away to eat. 

Sharad Malhotra- While I am happy that theatres are opening, I also feel that it is a big risk. It is an air-conditioned hall and everyone is breathing the same air. We need to be very careful. With so many asymptomatic cases, even taking temperatures will not prove anything. It is a risk but I guess it can’t be helped. As far as food, nothing should be allowed as you have to take off your mask to eat.

Kettan Singh- There are a lot of people who have lost their jobs during this lockdown and there must be many who used to work at theatres too. I am happy that they will be able to work again. Of course, one will have to be very careful, if there is a rise in cases, they will again shut everything because health comes before anything else. As far as the food is concerned, carrying snacks from home might be great.

Amal Sehrawat- If airlines can function, then why not theatres, The only thing is that people must be very careful. People must be given face shields and fresh masks. Also, food counters must be shut. There must be proper sanitisation after the shows. I feel if all this is followed, this can work out.

Rajshri Rani- I am very happy that cinema halls are opening from the 15th of this month. It has been so long since have enjoyed a film in the theatre. Of course, it goes without saying that we will have to very careful while watching a movie in the hall. We must all wear masks and face shields. Also, we must try to not eat in the hall as this will increase our exposure.

Rajesh Kumar- Everyone is celebrating that cinema halls are opening but I feel that this must be taken with a pinch of salt. These are tough times and we need to be very careful of what we do and where we go. Covid 19 is a deadly disease and people have lost their lives because of it. We need to be careful while going to cinema halls. We must ensure that we wear our masks at all times and also make sure to discard the masks properly when we come home. Also, it is important that if someone is unwell, they must not go. There are a lot of people who are taking this casually and we must ensure that such people are not allowed inside the halls. A basic temperature check must be done before entering.

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