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I urge people to eat sensibly in Corona times: Mreenal Deshraj

March 26, 2020

Being fit is important for all actors, however actor Mreenal Deshraj says that it’s important not to go overboard. The actor stopped eating sugar, oil and ghee some years back and has had to suffer a lot because of an unhealthy stomach. “Since childhood, I heard that oily stuff and sugar makes you fat. So, it was always in my mind. When I started living independently, I started living and eating the way I wanted to. I stopped oil ghee and sugar. I didn’t have it for 16-17 years,” she says.

The actor says that there was no one to stop her from doing this to her body. “My friends and family knew my obsession with being lean and passion for fitness. Nobody lives with me so what they thought and what they said never mattered to me. I am not in the habit of listening to anybody, so I ignored each and everybody. I used to use spray oil or have food without oil. I trained my maid. The taste was hopeless but then I was used to it,” she says.

However, she started facing health issues. “I always had stomach issues because of silly food habits. This is the only issue I have or I had was my stomach. I tried different stunts all my life but nothing as such worked for me. My body was so used to a particular type of food and timing that if I ate more, less, or outside, I would have to pay a cost. I wouldn’t go for parties and was also losing a lot of opportunities because of this,” she says.

It high time that Mreenal decided to get help. “After my Nasik trip, I made up my mind to conquer my problem, in 2019. I went to all possible doctors, surgeons. All my reports were fine. Nobody could deduct any issue. Some doctors said it was stress and that my body was used to discipline life, that I had a weak stomach and so on...Finally, I met an Ayurvedic doctor who checks through Nadi( nadi shastra) and he told me that there is no lubrication in my intestine. He told me to have 9 spoons of cow ghee. I was zapped. And I also took a few medicines which were his own production.  It took me a few days to start his diet regime and I had to leave curd. I started having ghee and sugar and in 15 days, I’ve put on 2 kgs despite working out 2 hours intense workouts. However, I was happy that finally I was getting cured but I got low watching myself being so big,” she says.

While it was tough to see herself putting on weight, this time Mreenal put her health first. “The last 2 months were bad. I didn’t know how to stop my sugar craving and the dosage of ghee, as it was important. I had to buy bigger size outfits. I stopped going out as I was not used to seeing myself being fat. I got a tummy and was so embarrassed. It was such a mental trauma,” she says.

Mreenal advises people to eat sensibly sitting at home in Corona times. “People shouldn't go out of home. I have seen on social media how they were shopping. I would like to tell people to eat in moderation, eat everything, and not to cut down on stuff so drastically that later when you eat those things, your body cannot adapt. And for sure, it’s important to work out. Keeping positive mental attitude is very important.,” she says.

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