This is just a beginning: Ayush Paul

May 09, 2019

Ayush Paul, a 20-year Indian boy from the heart of India, New Delhi is pursuing his dream in Hollywood. His love and passion for music brought him to the United States to fulfil his goal of becoming a successful music composer and an audio engineer. His current work with California based artist Lauren Engle (American Idol) on a song titled ‘Compass’ has got wide acclaim and critical praise from the judges of American Idol. I got the opportunity to interview him and asked if he considers this as a big achievement. “This is just a beginning. A lot is yet to come from me. As a musician, I grow every day and hope to incorporate it into my work. I am happy but not satisfied”, said Paul. At the age of 8, he started learning Indian Classical Music, which tremored deep love for this field in his heart as a boy. He often performed on stage as a freelance musician in his teens.

All of this led him to Full Sail University, Florida where he earned his Bachelor Degree in Recording Arts. Ayush was a recipient of a Course Director’s Award, Perfect Attendance, as well as the Salutatorian (2nd best GPA) of the graduating class of 2018. He is currently involved in a couple of projects that range from short films to television shows and music. When asked about his role models, he said “I really look up to A.R Rehman and Hans Zimmer’s work. It will be a big dream come true if I ever get to learn, assist or work with/for them”. To wrap up the interview, in the end, I asked him the most cliché question. “Where do you see yourself in the next five years?”. “I see myself releasing some good quality music and reach as many audiences as I possibly can. The world is big and I have countless people still left to be entertained with my work”, said Paul. Our youth is gifted with a lot of talent and people like Ayush Paul set an example for other dreamers to chase what they want to achieve; even if it takes to travel from one to the different part of the world.



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