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Medal Pet Nahi Bharta

January 18, 2018

Film: Medal Pet Nahi Bharta

Starring: Muzahid Khan, Indrisha Basu, Tanushri Basak and Ajay Sharma

Genre: Sports-Drama

Director: Ganesh Mehta


By Yogesh Mishra

Director Ganesh Mehta’s Medal Pet Nahi Bharta is the story of an ambitious boxer Jeetu (Muzahid Khan) who comes from a small village of Allahabad district. However his poor financial situation was something which was pulling him back from pursuing a career in boxing. But with the support of his close friend Billu (Ajay Sharma) he dares to move to the city Allahabad and joins the boxing academy where he meets his future wife Kalpana (Indrisha Basu). How he becomes National Champion and what all he faces post the success of his glorious career in boxing is the story of the film.

The most fascinating part of the movie is its characters and their over the top performances. The movie has plenty of characters, wherein Muzahid Khan being the lead, is the limelight of the film. Other than Muzahid, the movie has Indrisha Basu who successfully pulled off her role. Apart from these two, other characters played by Tanushri Basak and Ajay Sharma also played their part well.

Writer, director Ganesh Mehta wrote an inspiring story and directed it beautifully. He builds characters you can fall in love with almost instantly. You will enjoy the film, ignoring its flaws here and there. Dialogues of the movie are good and so is screenplay.

Medal Pet Nahi Bharta showcases the ground reality of a world champion and it is certainly a movie which needs to be seen.

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