Listen to the Lies by ‘No Grey Area’ Collection launch at Curato, Mumbai

September 28, 2021

No Grey Area launches its second drop ‘Listen To The Lies’ compelling us to question the world around us and our reaction to it. The drop envisions that we populate in a science fiction, wherein the world starts out as a familiar place, eventually inherited by a new invention or discovery, resulting in expansive consequences, and ultimately changing the world.

In the contemporary world, iPads have taken over books, information has become misinformation, and our interactions are replaced by social media promising us to connect with everyone and yet we feel so alone. Technology has taken control to the extent that the gifts we buy, the clothes we wear and even the vacations we take, are dictated by it, eventually brainwashing us.

Listen to the lies is a satire on the brand’s digital footprint and the clothes challenge us to either think or stay confined within our psychological walls. ‘Listen to the lies’ implies limitless multiplicity of spaces and identities the virtual bodies can inhabit. Inspiration has been taken from human psychology implying that it’s our second nature to be consumed by ideals of the world. Our physical and virtual bodies collide when we wear our digitally generated selves, just like tribesmen who wear the skull of their enemy.

This collection communicates and aspires for its consumers to break out, take control of the world of likes and lies, reboot their universe and create the future as they imagined. With their new collection, No Grey Area yet again stands for quality meets cause.

With their aim to create a world that embodies and mirrors a society which looks to the future with positivity, No Grey Area is transforming the grey into the known, one drop at a time.

Sharp details: Joggers come with a tonal grosgrain tape on the right leg with raw edged finishing on the seams, and neatly crafted gunmetal tipped draw cords. The shorts come with a relaxed fit, made with a French Terry composed of a blend of cotton and recycled polyester. Sweatshirts boast of a sharp ribbed cuff and collar, while polos come with tie and dye prints and conceptual embroidery. A tonal grosgrain tape is appliquéd on the front placket. 

Sustainable Fabrics: After spending months researching, sourcing the most ethical and ecological fabrics to construct each collection, the brand has veered towards ethically sourced Silk, Supima cotton and Bemberg. These fabrics have the smallest environmental footprint by limiting the amount of chemicals and water used in production.

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