Sunny Singh and Sonnalli Seygall enjoyed working in ‘Jai Mummy Di’

January 01, 2020 Yogesh Mishra

Actors Sunny Singh and Sonnalli Seygall started their career from Luv Ranjan’s ‘Pyaar Ka Punchnama’ part-1 and since then they never looked back. They tasted success in many other films too after that. Once again both actors are back together in director Navjot Gulati’s ‘Jai Mummy Di’ which is releasing on January 17, 2020. In an exclusive interview with Yogesh Mishra, they expressed their views about their characters in the film, working experience with Navjot Gulati, childhood days, kind of person they like and their view point on ‘love’.  

Tell us something about your character in ‘Jai Mummy Di’.? 

Sunny Singh: Delhi ka ladka, mumma’s boy jo shararti hai and innocent bhi hai, uski har ek North Indian se connectivity hai, apni mom ki sunta hai and jugaadu bhi hai.

Sonnalli Seygall: My character is called Saanjh who is a Delhi girl. She is confident and she is bubbli and she is quite go-getter. She is fun and dominating but at the same time it’s very layered character. She is not like me at all (laughs). Definitely this is one of my favourite character I have played till now.  

How were your working experience with director Navjot Gulati?

Sunny Singh: Navjot is one of the sweetest person I know. It was great working with him. As a director, he is very disciplined and there is a humourous side too.

Sonnalli Seygall: It was actually very different and quite wonderful to work with Navjot. He is a first-time director. The last time I work with a first-time director was Luv sir’s and my first film so it was very different then because even I was new but rightnow I have done five films and this is my 6th. It was very refreshing experience because he let you improvise and we took a lot of time reading and working through the scenes and luckily, we were in the same page. The fact was that he is not very rigid. He has only written the script. While shooting also he was not like ‘aisa hi chahiye….’ etc. He was always open to suggestions. It’s great to work with a director who knows what he wants and Navjot was definitely one of those.

What are your expectations from the film ‘Jai Mummy Di’?

Sunny Singh: I am very excited for this movie. It’s a light hearted movie and a cute love story!! I know everyone will love it. I am just very positive about it.

Sonnalli Seygall: I won’t lie, if I would say that my expectations from ‘Jai Mummy Di’ are a lot. Because I think, the product is really very nice and it’s a very rare film. It is so relatable that even if I was not in it, I would totally relate to it like a lot of other girls and boys. It’s super relatable.    

Any specific genre that you would like to explore in near future?

Sunny Singh: It depends upon the script but yes I would like to do action comedy, intense or a psychological thriller :)

Sonnalli Seygall: I would love to explore the ‘action’ genre. I always wanted to do it. Backend days I have taken certain training, a kind of martial art. Recently I have started doing Karate also.  

How did you get your first break in Bollywood?

Sunny Singh: Hard struggle but parents always supported me. My father being from this industry always helped me. I used to meet directors but u need to wait patiently for your right time and keep working hard for your goal. I met Luv sir and because of him I am here today. The best part about him is even if he is busy he takes out time for me also as an elder brother.

Sonnalli Seygall: My first break was ‘Pyaar Ka Punchnama’ part-1 and how I get is crystal clear in my head. I was Miss India and I was doing modelling and ads. I never wanted to be an actor but when I started doing ads, I realized that I enjoyed being in front of the camera more than being on the ramp and I wanted to explore it. I started auditioning. I did some auditions when ‘Pyaar Ka Punchnama’ happened. I remember, I was in Chennai for some fashion show and I got a call from the casting director and they said like ‘the moment you land, you come’. I remember there was a long que of girls and off-course I was one of them. I was kind of shortlisted and by end of the evening I was finalized. Even they were in hurry to cast. I got a night to discuss everything with my mother then I said ‘yes’ for it. Rest everything is history.     

Who is your inspiration in Bollywood?

Sunny Singh: Khiladi, Mr. Akshay Kumar. I wish if I get a chance to do Khiladi series ever!! raw action.. 

Sonnalli Seygall: When I was growing up, I had one or two inspirations and probably they would have changed over the years. When I was growing up, there was Sridevi, Madhuri then I remember Priyanka Chopra but now I would say, there is so much of talent in men and women equally that I can’t really pick one person. Everyone’s work inspires me, every time I watch a good film. Even directors inspire me. I think this time is inspiring me. This time that we are living in, in a cinematic time when such great content has been made. That is very inspiring to me rightnow. 

How were your childhood days?

Sunny Singh: Super, takin part in dance competition always acting doing scenes in front of mirror. Wearing same clothes as Akshay sir and Salman sir. 

Sonnalli Seygall: My childhood days were fun and carefree like every child. It was a great time. I loved going to school. I was very brilliant student. I was always teacher’s favourite. I remember When I was in class 9th my junior girls used to call themselves my fan and I never understood why? I used to get lots of love and crazes from my juniors in my class. I started modelling in very young age. I was 12 when I did my first show but in the age of 15 I started things professionally. I grow up in Kolkata. I had lots of friends there. I was very close to my brother. I used to love cycling, sports, swimming and dancing etc.  

What do you do when feel low?

Sunny Singh: I just talk to family and I’m okay.

Sonnalli Seygall: There are two things that I do. One is workout and other one is meditation. 

Can you define the word 'love'?

Sunny Singh: Pure.

Sonnalli Seygall: I don’t think anyone can define love. At least I can’t. It’s really a feeling. It’s a very different feeling. I’m sure everyone must have experienced at any point of time in their life. I heard a very close friend of mine, that every love has its own fragrance, so that is a different kind of love. Love that I feel for my mother, friend, lover, work colleague etc. So, every love has its own fragrance.

What kind of person you like most?

Sunny Singh: Honest, humorous and lively.

Sonnalli Seygall: I love people who are kind.  

Given a chance, would you like to join politics?

Sunny Singh: No, I never thought about that.

Sonnalli Seygall: I don’t think I can ever join politics. It’s definitely not my cup of tea. I don’t even enjoy it. 

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