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I am not a very intense workout person: Saumya Tandon

July 01, 2019 Yogesh Mishra

Saumya Tandon is a renowned television actress and host. She is currently playing one of the lead role in the comedy TV series Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain!. Apart from acting, she is also known for her fitness in the industry. In an exclusive interview with Yogesh Mishra, she shared the secret of her fitness, about her fitness guru, future plans and more…

Who is your fitness guru / trainer?

My instructor’s name is Sharon Wu who is a Pilates teacher and also my physiotherapist. Post delivery I lost my core strength and I had back pain as well. I decided to opt for a trained physiotherapist over a trainer to overcome these problems and it was a right call. Since Sharon is a trainer and also a physiotherapist, any aches and pains are also taken care of. When you train under a physiotherapist who is a Pilates teacher there are no chances of injuries and also you learn working out with the right posture, which is very very important. Also I now know exactly which muscles are weak which need to be worked on more. So my instructor is best suited for my needs.

What is the secret of your fitness?

I would say I am conscious about my diet, i have never been into junk food. My mother inculcated this habit in me at an early age and so there wasn’t much temptation towards unhealthy foods. My workouts  are moderate but consistent. I’m very regular with my training and my diet is fairly balanced. I think in the long run consistency is what matters. I have seen many people going on all sorts of diets but its short lived, I believe that if you look after your body religiously every day, the results will show without any crash diets or intense workouts. There is no point in doing intense workouts and getting injured and not working out for months. Similarly I don’t believe in Keto diet or intermitent   fasting or any kind of extreme diet regime because it’s not sustainable in the long run and therefore once you leave following it you gain all your weight back, that’s why it’s best to follow healthy balanced diet regularly. I stay away from maida, white sugar and I follow vegetarian diet.

Recently you are blessed with a baby boy. How easy or tough was it to stay fit during pregnancy period?

It was very tough as i had a difficult pregnancy specially during initial months and I was also shooting that time which made it more stressful .I faced a lot of back issues as well as severe pelvic girdle pain and hence decided to opt for a physiotherapist who strengthened my back and pelvic area. I also did yoga for stretching to aid flexibility. I used to exercise for 2 hours during my last 2 months before delivery. Exercising really helped me strengthen my body, calm my mind and prepare me for delivery. I can’t imagine how women don’t exercise during pregnancy, having said that every woman has a different experience, though I personally I believe in yoga and exercise during pregnancy . I also took my doctor’s advice carefully and ate nutritious foods like green veggies, protein rich food and calcium. I avoided the age old advice of eating more than required  as these things make labour difficult, one should just religiously follow the doctor and exercise, atleast that is what worked for me.

Any fitness tips for the pregnant ladies?

Eat healthy. Do not over eat or under eat. Avoid sugar as its not good for you. Avoid too much ghee or oil. If you gain too much weight, natural delivery will an ordeal, exercise is necessary if there are no complications in the pregnancy. Exercise takes care of aches and pains and also makes your baby happy inside.

What is the importance and impact of TV Series ‘Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hain!’on your career?

I feel Bhabhi ji is one of the best written shows on TV. I wasn’t keen on doing daily soaps on TV but bhabhiji is different. I can’t see myself doing historical or mythological shows, nor can I relate to any of the saas-Bahu sagas. For me content is very important. The script has to be good and character well written. Apart from this I feel that the show has also given me a chance to  do comedy, which I hadn’t done before. As an actor I would love to explore more genres and would love doing something different, provided the content is right. My character in bhabhiji is unlike the other daily soap heroines, it’s not typical , there is a lot of scope to act and I have acted naturally and not make the character into a caricature. 

How do you balance your professional and personal life at a time?

I have reduced the number shooting days as of now since My baby is still very small, however I have plan to gradually increase my number of shoot days. It has been a little tough to manage both. So far I had the advantage of shooting close to my house, which worked in my favour as I could take my baby along. Now the location has been shifted back to Naigaon, which might become difficult for me keeping the travel and traffic in mind. However I feel blessed that my mother is staying with us. She is always there to look after my baby. My husband, Saurabh is very supportive too. My producer Mrs Kohli has also been very supportive and I have a great unit, that helps.

What next after ‘Bhabi ji Ghar Par Hain!’?

After Bhabhi ji Ghar par hai, i want to do something bigger and better that will push me as an actor and something that I’d be proud of. Everytime i start a project i want to feel that it is better than the previous one and that is my major criteria while choosing what to do next.

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